Creating a small water base

Hello fellow people! 
It has been a bit silent from me lately, much of my online hobby activities has been "suffering" by the fact i volunteered helping out translating subtitles of the incoming Painting Buddha season 1.2 and 1.3 into Swedish. It was in fact loads of work, I did translate about 3500 lines of text myself in three weeks time in what i hope a decent standard. Just reading the subs though i can say, its going to be great value of money!

Anyway, little hobby activities! here is a step by step of a base i created for my GW lotr miniature "Alfrid", Pictures of him finished will perhaps appear shortly. I bought that miniature mostly for practicing tiny freehands, but i actually grew to like the mini very much. No muscles, guns, skullz, or undeadie. not much action really whatsoever. Just a jolly guy writing in his book. Unfortunately finecast though, and of course a bubble in the middle of his face, so some work before painting...

Okidoki here we go, some different quality if the images here though, but yeye.
First the posts for the bridge, some wood glued together and some sewing thread.

Top of the bridge the same way. some modelling paste with fine grains at the bottom.

Added some vegetation made from plasticard, and bended it to get a littlebit of movement.
Primed it black, basecoated the bridge with scorched brown.

Highlights and shadows, many different browns, grays and greens to get an old wood look. also splashed on some AK interactive "old wood" enamel wash.

Preparing for the water effect, i did a ring of greenstuff mounted on the base, this to place the plasticard "mould" on. also added some more plants and little fishes :)

Cut a piece of plasticard to match the length of the circumference of the gaming base. used an elastic to hold it together (later received a tip; cable tie) was carefully sealing the mould with greenstuff at the bottom and the joint, but i guess you cant be carefully enough here as it still bloody leaked. I guess there are many different brands of water effect, this time i used Deluxe Materials Solid water, with just a little tint of green. Waited about three days just to be sure it had harden.

Unfortunately, the waterline had to be cut down as you can see in this picture, D'oh! Don't walk around with it after the water effect is poured in. Sanding time begin...

Had to fix the joint between the gaming base and the water effect, Milliput.

Sanding everything down to 2000 paper, pretty much like rubbing it with toilet paper at the end. Then, sponge it with Vallejo Still water to get a clear glossy surface. Wwwoilaaaa!

After this last picture i did more sanding though, as the water was pretty oval, more at the top and where the joint of the mould was. Then the surface was covered in vallejo water effect to gain a little movement, fin images soon as as said!
Pretty fun playing with water, and there is endless possibilities! enjoy!

Soon- time for the Salute show in UK, and then the Duke of Bavaria show in Germany. hope to see you there!


  1. sehr schön, ich benutze für hohe wasserstände immer gerne 2-k Material
    da es meiner meinung nach gründlicher

  2. hi,
    looks really cool. i got some barrell riders and some got holes in their faces too. pretty anyoing....
    i just sent you a message via the bemal-forum, concerning something different.
    please check when you got a few minutes to spare.