Bjorkgolf the Thunderblade

Hey folks!

Paint thisminiature was very special for me. It was a present to our blog mate and friend Michael aka 'Dellolyn'. It´s a pleasure for me to have him in the 5-th crew. Since he joined us in the end of 2012, he give us a massive boost of content to the blog. He is founder of our COMMUNITY PROJECT, gives always motivation to the painters outside, and his painting skills getting better and better with every project what you can see HERE. Additionally he supports the whole 5-th crew with his stunning carpenter skills. Every time we have a good idea for a new plinth, Micha goes straight to his workbench and produce them for us just for the fun of it. Take a look on THIS post by him to know what I mean. But the 5-th crew are not the only hobby nerds, which one have benefits of his love to work with wood. For example Micha did a cool SPECIAL PLINTH for Raffa aka 'Pictster' from the Massive Voodoo team (HERE you can find the finished project). 

So let me say again THANK YOU MICHA! Thanks for all and thank you to know you as a good new friend :)

A small signature by myself found place on the mini ;)


  1. Really nice job! I love the colors and the setting! I voted for you on CMON as well but I was wondering how I could get an invitation for putty and paint website.

    1. Thank you :) You need an invitation code from another artist. Unfortunately I don´t have have one left over for you :(

  2. All I can say is "thank you" my friend. It was a very brilliand surprise. You just flashed me.