The Rusty Bucket #3

Hey folks!

It´s time to keep on the progress of my old sovjet tank (Part#1, part#2). Again I would like to speak with pictures instead of long words. But at first I want to say "thank you" to my new friend Daniel aka Nathelis. Maybe you know him by his blog After I posted my first progress of the tank on our blog, he contacted me on facebook. After a small chat he offered to help me with tank because he is very interested in modell-work also what you can see HERE. Very happy I said yes because I had now experience at all on this theme. So we talked a lot about different weathering techniques and he gave me very cool hints and links to work with that. So thanks Daniel :)
I know that the whole progress of the tank looks very comprehensive. I used a lot of different tools and materials. For someone who don´t have these massive products or experience in painting it could looks like very frustraded. But it isn´t so hard as you think - believe me ;) Read my personal statement about it at the end of the articel.

And now lets go to work!

Before the priming could start, I put some different kind of sand on the ground.
The variety let the base appeling more interesting and real.

Time for priming: 
(watch out ou cool video tutorial about a good priming HERE)

Black priming
I prefer airbrush primer in this case, because it's finer and clearer and supports more the next airbrush steps. 

The weathering:
There are many many ways to do that. I use a big combination of a lot of techniques. Count it as a small tutorial. Another and easier way to weather your miniatiures you can find in our tutorial section HERE.

For a ground color surface I used redbrown colors with a lttle bit matt varnish to create a rougher surface for the next steps.

The hair-spray technique: 
The idea is to seal the groundcolor with the spray. Then you airbrush or paint a next color layer on it. Now you can rub and scratch up the last layer from the miniature again. The result is a first and good rusty looking of the surface. For a really good and detailed tutorial about the technique you should visit our monkeys from the jungle on or watch this cool videotutorial by ScaleModelMedic on YouTube.

I sprayed it direct in the airbrush. It´s no problem to clean it after use with warm water and airbrush cleaner. 
After the hair-spray layer was dry, I sprayed the next color on it ... 
... to remove it afterwards random and unregular with some different tools.  
To keep and save the created effect and to work with oil colors in the next steps, I sealed everything with satin varnish.
For more contrast I added some first inks. One more reason for that is that I want use them again later on on the base.So it will work fine together after everything is finished.
Painting with oil:
This was my first time with oil paintings. The good thing first, I´m fine with the final result. The bad thing is, it was to experimental that I could really reapeat what I did there :D A very good and usefull tutorial for me was this one on YouTube by spruecutters. Additional to that I brought the oilcolor direct on the surface of the tank use thinner or other oilcolors to blend it in a random style.

First try. After that I decided to made an overall thinned wash with the oilcolors.
To make some army marks on the tank tower I used mask-strip. 
But before I sprayed the withe color, I used hair-spray again. After spraying the spray I sprinkle a little bit sand on it. Then the withe color. And at least I scrachted the sand from the surface.
I like this technique with the sand. Instead of sand you can use salt. It´s easiers to remove later on.
And I did it again.

The result himself was good but to bright and clean instead of the other tank parts. At first I scrachted and removed some more white color. Later on I brought more brown and earth colors in the rest of the white stripes.
For the russian red star I built a template. The image is from the internet.
... placed it on the tank and used the airbrush again.

The new stripes, the star and army marks for more charachteristics.
The work on the wheels I took very easy. They are not in the focus of the tank and later on a lot of plants shall  grow over them. The most parts of them gets very covered.
A good tool for more charachter is a pencil. Scratch over the edges and surfaces to make them look metallic. Very easy to handle. I used it on the wheels and on much parts of the tank itself.
Last step for "real painting" were rust dots. I splashed them on it with an old brush and my oil color mix again. But be careful! To much thinner in the brush can change the complete appereance of the tank again. It will sprayed and splashed everywhere!
Last step: Rust pigments. On the picture you can see a lot of different pigments. The best result for me was by the real rust pigments. In the past I collect everything from the streets what was very very rusty. I brought them home and put the parts together in a box. The effect is very good, but it takes a long time to have enough of them :)  Mixed with oil thinner to fix them on the miniature they brought a very nice and realistic look.
Again our friends from the jungle have a great way to produce their own rust pigments - and faster then mine way! Check it out HERE.
And this is how it looks now. The pictures are very bright, so some details and contrasts getting lost. But you can see how it goes now. 
Maybe some highlights for more contrasts will follow, but all in all the tank is finished.

The tank is finished. It brought a lot of fun to me. So many new elements, tools and techniques that I never used in one proejct before. But it looks like a lot of hard work and ressources and yes, it is. But there are a lot steps that I want try to explain, how you can do it easier. 
At first the airbrush: Airbrushing is study for itself. There are many different kinds and opinions about the correct equipment. In my case everything is very cheap. All in all I paid round about 150€ for my stuff. But I was in look to have good friends and they sell me their equipment for much money. What I think is, a cheap China import is good enough for the start. But the more important thing in my case with the tank is: You don´t need an airbrush system. Everythink is possible with an ordinary brush (or two^^). Take care about the thickness of the color mixes and everything is fine. Could takes a little bit longer, but work as well as the airbrush. Also the hair-spray. You can use a brush again.
Masking tape: It was a very nice experience for me to use the masking tape and to create stripes and the sovjet stars. This technique is a common one in the usual modell-making but efforts a lot of time for this small result on the tank. Next time I would prefer to paint it by my own with a brush. The whole modell is old and dirty. For example when the stripes gets not very perfect it´s easy to cover them or in the best case it supports the old appereance.
Oil painting: I love it to handle with them! There are so many oppurtunities and they are great for the atmossphere and appearance of the project. But I need much more practice to understand what I´m doing there :) In this project I wouldn´t miss them and the good thing is you can by them very cheap. From time to time you can buy oilcolorsets in supermarkets. For a first try and some small experiences this is good enough. Thinner is also very cheap and at first an old brush could be enough. But it is how it is with others: Much cheaper the quality of the tools, much lower is the quality of the result. 
All in all I love this project. Everything is possible and when something gets wrong don´t care! The old, rusty and dirty look forgives every error. So it´s an awesome playground to figure out what is possible. What I want to say is: Try it by your own, don´t be afraid of it! :)

The painting part of the tank is finished so far. The next step is the basing. A next huge playground for me. Firts of all I will paint with some big wet in wet techniques on every area of the ground and the trees. Afer more detailing of it, the plants, grass and tree growing will follow. Could be one of my fastest project ever :)

So I hope you like it! Feel free to comment or asking and last but not least ....

enjoy your day!

all the best Siggi 


  1. Really nice tutorial and a great result! Hope to see more soon ;).

  2. Thank you guys. The tank is finished. A last step by step will follow. Then shoot some good pictures and I promise to share it here. :)