Imperial Japanese for Bolt Action!!!

So I have finished up the first 5 Imperial Japanese Army (IJA) soldiers for my bolt action army. I had a complete blast painting these guys up, and am hoping to take them over to Salute for the historical competition category. But more for them to just be a bit of fun, and try something a bit different.

One of the main things that I tried for them was to get a more realistic coloring for their early war uniforms. Oh and to throw some grass into their helms and shirts. Half because they were always ambushing the USMCs but also because Dellolyn said that it is pretty true that you are pretty much always eating dirt and grass when in the army.

I hope you all like them, and are looking forward to seeing more of them in the future. Would really like to get a full 1000 pts of them built at some point, but just not sure as to when! But I figure if I can do up a few at a time, and slowly build it up, I might even get a game in sometime in 2016! :)

Let me know if you think they represent the army properly or not, and if not what could I change to make them better!



  1. Really nice! What type and size of tufts did you use?

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