Tool upgrades for Mr Lee...

Ok so the kick off for me here is to show off a few of the tools I have just upgraded lately to begin some larger projects that will be focused here.

The main workhorse of my painting these days is my Airbrush and compressor. To be honest, i have gone through a few sets over the years since I started to learn how to use them. Still not an expert by any means, but definitely learning through trial and error ( and more error than success at times as well! ).

My first real set though was a Chinese knock off the AB-180. This thing had more parts than I cared to think of, and easily broken when strong armed during cleaning. A good test brush though, as it was cheap, and simple in theory. The only problem I had when I started to airbrush was that I had a Proxxon compressor with airbrush set.

Again.. went cheap to see if airbrushing was something that I would like to continue on with. In hindsight.. this was complete garbage of a kit, and something that barely lasted 2 months of use before I replaced it.

I strongly do not recommend this set as the airbrush is horrible ( never even used it ) and the compressor could only be used for about 10-15 minutes before it overheated and began to make the loudest whistling noise you have ever heard.

So it was not surprising when I went for something the exact opposite of this model and got a nice big compressor with a decent sized air tank.

Ignore the cables at the moment, but it is quite the interesting compressor. This thing is a beast, but a bit temperamental. It is beyond quiet though, and with the larger tank it can last for a good while before it begins to refill. Though it works nicely but it does have a slight issue whereby when it gets close to empty the air pressure begins to die out.

So with the move to UK it was an excuse to pick up a new compressor for myself. And I turned to the 5-th-dimension expert on Airbrushing, DarkMessiah, in order to find me a good replacement. And last week this puppy showed up on my doorstep...

So I upgraded to a smaller, but more consistent compressor to work my airbrush now. I have to say that it is a great piece that is consistent for air pressure. I have already put this to massive work with my latest batch of line painting pieces.

Made short work of this batch of scotsmen. Whereby the 2k priming, the bases, and the cloth were all done in one go without even a single hic up for the air pressure.

And the other piece being my Ork Dakkajet piece where the airbrush played a critical part in covering this model greatly.

My only downside to it is that it is a bit louder than my older model, and the reservoir is not as large either. Though due to the performance it will be my new workhorse going forward, with the older model sitting around in back up duty.

Now with regards to my main workhorse of airbrushes it is my Harder&Steenbeck Infinity 2in1.

After I had far too many issues with the original Chinese knock off version, I decided to do the one thing that every painter should do. Buy the best equipment you can afford to do the work that you need to get done. It just removes so many issues and problems while doing the real work itself.

But I have seen that although this is a great 2 parter airbrush with the ability to use both the .15 and .4 sized pin, I tend to just use the .4 sized pin. I seem to be just base coating with it at the bigger pin, but this makes doing details very poorly.

So I decided to just pick up a second airbrush specifically for detail colors.

Yup.. another H&S piece.. but this time in the Evolution range, and the new AL Plus model. Unfortunately I have not had the chance to use it yet.. but I do have a project coming up that this will come in handy quite a bit!

Yeah.. I don't think my size 1 brush will be good for this.. Airbrush required type of kit here ( and yes that is a Hobbit Goblin beside it for scale ). But yes.. expect to see more of these tools getting used and to see more progress on this busty bust in time as well! Keep an eye out for it :)

Mr Lee


  1. Good post. I love my airbrushes(Aztec and Badger),look forward to the results.


    1. Cheers Guy. I am looking forward to seeing how the new set up works for busty bust girl :)
      Mr Lee

  2. OMG, I can't believe you use an airbrush, you're such a F*&^%$£ cheat!!!!!

    I am of course kidding, it wouldn't seem right to have an airbrush article without a little rant comment included ;)

    I also love my airbrush (Iwata) and I have a similar compressor with the smaller tank. Awesome piece of kit for knocking out basecoats in batch.

    1. I am the cheat, this is true... :)
      And agreed.. this set up is perfect for batch lining big sets of models quickly. I am hoping my new one will also help to do some even more detail work on pieces though. Let's see :)
      Mr Lee

  3. hansa 123 0,3 düse ,selber kompressor mit Tank ist immer besser ,füllt automatisch,
    bei niedrigem Druck nach.sehr zufrieden hab den auch im set gekauft und pistolen entsorgt weil schlechte Qualität.Nur mt der Düsengröße bin ich nicht zufrieden,verstopft bei Citadell-farben leicht .......

    1. Cheers for that. Agreed that Citadel colors can be difficult in the airbrush, but just need to really work out the perfect thinner/color ratio for them. What's sad is that not all the paints ( even within the same layer/base/etc category ) are the same. So it really is a color by color guess work for consistency.
      Mr Lee