The Rusty Bucket #2

Hey folks!

After a long sunday night, the old sovjet tank took place on a plinth. Without any big words I want to share the done steps with you. If you missed the first parts, you can read it HERE again.

Here we go....

More details took place on the body
For a damaged and old look, I placed the wheel suspension very random.
A next sketch what could happen later on when all parts come together. Not at all as it looks now.
Thanks Delloyn for the cool looking plinth! This was one of your first. Now it found place under a a nice project :)
Here we have the finished tank. It is truly finished! The best mechanicals couldn´t repair the tank to make him  movable again :) In german we say self-praise smells bad, bud I´m very proud about my work. Especially the kind of rusty metal. It looks very thin like rusty metal do and with a good coloring it should work very well.

Lets start with the basing:

Cork is a very nice material for basing. The ability to bring it in suitable shapes for every plinth but with a unique random look is a good start to create what ever you want. With some super glue every thing get fixed very fast.

Another favourite basing tool for me is "Strukturpaste". (If anyone knows a good english translation, PLEASE LET ME KNOW IT!).
It is very easy to handle, not to liquid that it runs away and when you placed it anywhere wrong it´s easy to remove. The only disadvantage is the drying time. It depents on the thickness of the putty. Is it very thick you could wait up to 2 or 3 days to work again on it. For example you can buy it HERE.
This is how it looks first. But one day later I removed the tank again to put more putty on the base. Now the tank has no space between the bround and the bodywork.
Some more details in the ground to bring more atmosphere.
Next step was to plant some trees. Usally I didn´t pin it, but in this case the surface on the base was to bumby and the tree to heavy as the tree could stay on the base.
Paper-clips, that´s the secret! ;)

And here we have the current miniature. I glued everything together. Could be hard to paint it but I would like to create a miniature with base that should looks as a whole composition. For me it´s hard to paint a miniature and a base seperate. The idea is to paint every thing with a same color at first.

Today I´m finished. Next step is to bring sand and earth on the base. Maybe also some first bigger plants. Than it´s ready to prime. Lately after that I have to think about, how I could paint the rusty parts. But a new in painting talented friend will help me with this question. ;) 

Hope you like it, feel free to comment, and ler me know if you have any questions!

all the best 



  1. ha! hatte bei der base eigentlich auf ne remineszenz an die sowjetischen
    ehrenmale vermutet:

    bin gespannt...

  2. Naja, vielleicht sieht es ja da irgendwann in einer postapokalyptischen Zukunft auch dort so aus ;)

  3. I guess that Structure paste would be eoungh ;)
    See the link:

    Some very nice work over here !