The Rusty Bucket #1

Hey folks!

One project for hobbynerds is not enough. So I began another one byside my Skaventhrower. Long long times ago I found interest in the "classic" model-making. Built some old tanks, airplanes, cars or other stuff looks very funny. In addition I never was focused on weathering finished miniatures. And thats it: A nice combination to start with both! Yesterday I went to my favourite Hobbystore to realise this, bought a Sovjet Heavy Tank IS-2 from Zvezda models in 1/72 size, some colors and directly back to my workbench to destroy the tank again :) The idea is to build up the tank in a very damaged and strong weathered style. Plants and trees shall be growing under, through and around the tank later on. That´s the plan. Let us go to work!

Not one of most defiant kit, but very detailed for this small size. Looks like much fun :)
A small first sketch
A very good inspiration for my coming project:
Imperial Armour Model Masterclass by Forgeworld
The tool in the right corner should be my most used tool in the next steps
A next real life sketch. 
Did I mentioned that the model is good detailed? It is, but not enough! Let the weathering begin!

To create this old rusty metal effect ...
... I used my drill from the inside. Pushed it very hard on the surfaces until it create some bubbles on the outsides.

Big holes. Space for plants and trees later on. 

Up to now I had much fun with the tank. I´m looking forward to see how it looks in the end. Hope you like it! Enjoy your hopefully sunny sunday!

all the best



  1. Interesting project fella, looking forward to see how you will paint it :-)

    1. Me too Micha. Don´t know yet how I can handle this :D

  2. Suprising how much can one learn from a few pictures :) Keeping my thumbs up!

    1. Thanks. Will send more pictures in the future ;)