The last Space Wolves?

Hey folks!

Last week I went back to my past 15 ago. I shoot pictures of my old Space Wolve army. I never wasn´t a big and talented player, but had a lot of fun with them and actually I found back to the painting hobby fours years ago because of the minis. I thought I would like to play again Warhammer 40k, but after 4 or 5 games I figured out that I´m out of gaming and prefer more the painting part of the hobby. And a lot of you should now the paradox: when you realy like to paint on higher level, it isn´t easy and impossible to paint you army on a lower level like this :D So some day I decided to quit the gaming and concentrated me on painting.
The reason why I built up my army in the whole is, I want to sell them. There are a lot miniatures inside which one I really love, because I still a big friend of the old calssic look by GW miniaturss. But in my whole life I will never find the time and the will to paint them. But I thought they could be honoured with one last gathering on my desktop and want you invite to watch them in the whole. 

If you want to see more details take a look on:

If you are interested in anything let me know it under

And now let us say good bye to them honourable: 

"Goodbye my old friends! It was a pleasure for me to fight with you, to laugh and to drink with you. We had good and bad times together, and hope you will find a great new leader that brings you honour and glory!"

all the best



  1. you should at least keep some of the old school metal ones. they start to get rare. and maybe some day in the distant future you want to paint something old and cool and then there are some resources.


  2. Heh,

    I had the same chat with my miniatures a year or two back.
    That makes you truly veteran player, welcome to the elite club ;)

    Btw - let me know if you ever decide to get rid of one of old vehicles, oldie design is just sweet!


  3. @hrld: Agree to you. But the half of the army is in metal. What should I sell when I keep them ? ;)

    @Demi: Will let you know when I guess what my plans to sell them are :) Please send me your Email to