Go Rats Go! More Blood Bowl in the dimension!

Hey folks!

Maybe you noticed my interstes in the fantasy football theme Blood Bowl. One year ago I built a Nurgle team. You can find some pics about the finished team HERE and some WIP pictures HERE. To built those guys was much fun for me and so I brought them to the german Golden Demon. They won a finalist pin what made me very proud. As of this date I always thought about to paint more football stuff. The Nurgle team was a huge project with a lot of miniatures but not the highest painting level. So it was time to paint one showcase miniature. After a look in my old Blood Bowl Game box (yeah! the one with the old foam board!) the decision which one could be right for this didn´t take long. I had an old Skaventhrower with a nice posture and a look like an talented and experienced quaterback. For all of you who don´t know what that means let me explain it short: The quaterback is the brain of the team when they are on the field and hold the ball. He has a lot of responsiblity and needs always a cool and calm mind. After the kickoff it´s his part to throw the ball to a receiver who brings the ball in the endzone for a touchdown. On case of there is no receiver he can run instead of throwing the ball to do the touchdown by his own. With this information you should understand the important role for the quaterback. In the Blood Bowl game rules are no quaterbacks. Instead of these there are throwers. But they had the same important position and in the most cases, their abilities are required to win the game. So my choosen Skaven miniature is one of these guys and this is the best motivation to give him a very cool and heroic look. The second challenge is to 'pimp' the old undetailed and round look by the old  GW miniatures with a modern painting and to bring cool details on the player and the base. 
Enough words - with this post I will give you a lot of pictures about the building and WIP pictures around the current paint status. So let us start with the base:

At first I cuted some layers in cork to glue them together and creating an base.
I learned this cool and easy method on Matt Cexwish Basing workshop two weeks ago.
After I glued the layers together I used knifes and tongs to made a more rougher surface on the sides.

This step was to create a rough and uneven surface to create a more realistic look of a used and often played Blood Bowl field.
With Green Stuff I casted more of these surfaces to the high. 
To close gaps I used "Moltofill" mixed with water
Finally I sanded the base with different kinds of sand.
After everything was dryed I glued the thrower on it and cast some more details on with some different materials.

Time for some colors:

Preparing my wet-palete to start some funny wet-in-wet color mixes
You can see that the legs and the tail is painted on this point also. This was intended. I used the wet in wet painting from the base to mix it with the coming skincolor. That brings a realistic and connected colorschema to the whole miniature. It looks like one big piece. At my next miniatures I will try to paint the whole mini AND the base with ONE groundcolor with more brightness above.
I use this small potts for inks. Another good hint on Matts Cexwish painting class.

Usally the details like plants comes on the bases at the end, but to know if the color schema works later on with the painted mini, I did some first experiments before. But in the end there will follow a lot of more details. More grass and plants and white lines for the field zones.

The Thrower:
To find a good look for the skin I viewed some pics of real rats. Importand for me were the blending between skin and the grey fur. I want to copy that later on on the miniature.
Some first color sketches. The main color becomes orange. For a nice contrast I will add stripes on his armour  with white outlines and a tourquise inline.

And here we have the current Skaventhrower!
Hope you enjoy the picture show. I´m off now for one week because of a small snowbaord trip to the alps. but I´m looking forward to paint the rest of the Thrower very when I´m back. The football theme makes so much fun, and I can´t wait to see the thrower finished! 
If you have any questions about the doing or paintings let me now it. Just as well let me know if you like the miniature or when you have some cool ideas more for it!

All the best



  1. Love it, my skaven team are similar colours but they're all albino rats: http://40kaddict.blogspot.co.uk/2013/01/to-done-bloodbowl-skaven-4.html

    1. Albinos are a great idea, nice team by the way. :-)

  2. looking absolutely fantastic - can I ask where you got those tiny little rats all over him and the base??

    1. The small rats are from "Busch" - called "Busch 1153 H0 Small animal set".
      A set full of smalll animals like spiders,snake,mice/rats, etc... for round about 8€.

  3. Hola
    Magnífico trabajo
    Gracias por las fotos del proceso
    Un saludo

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