Basing.. and contests..

So carrying on from what Dellolyn wrote on Monday about the Brushbrothers contest, I guess I should post up what I am working on for that contest!

I had started it while in Berlin last month at Matt Cexwish's basing workshop. Was lucky enough to also meet up with Siggi who also attended and posted about his experience here.

It was really cool to see the thoughts behind this base. I mean to build it out of a dice cube to ensure that you have flat surfaces on each side and to give you a frame for the overall scene.

As you can see from the left that I got quite far in the workshop itself, and now it is time to sit down and get it finished! I mean the Brushbrother's contest is finished at the end of next month! So time is wasting away!

Building it up was a lot of fun also. Considering that it was just cork, milliput, fimo, and dirt/twigs.

The beginning of the dice cube filled with cork... 

The aftermath of cutting and shaving out the cork from the dice cube.. so much cork death here! But all for the greater good so.. no problems right?!?! :)

Once all the pieces were thrown in, I was able to add in the dirt to the socket. Lots of fun here and it began to really take shape as I envisioned it!

Which brings us to where we are now! Primed, and then paint added to it! Lots of work left to do on it, and I need to order some pieces for it to really get it to the level that I am hoping to have it at!

So let's see how it all turns out when I put more effort into it! Still a lot to do on it!

Now to see how the rest of the 5-th-dimension crew does for their bases and who all joins the contest!

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