Review: Massive Workshop filled with Voodoo!

Hello my friends,

a great workshop weekend with Roman aka Jarhead from MassiveVoodoo!

Jarheads Beginners Workshop in Trier.

I'm a workshop junkie, love to paint in a bigger group. Every friend said to me: "If you get the chance to visit a workshop with Roman, DO IT!" What should I say? It was just awesome!

We start at friday evening and do the prework until 0:30 am, we don't want to stop but we have to sleep ;-)

The same morning we start at 9:30 am, fresh and animated. Roman showed us step per step how to build up the base, prepair the figure and how to prime the whole in "Roman-stile" ;-)

 Theory and practice, steps per steps and tricks. A day full of MASSIVE VOODOO! The rest od the day was enjoy happy painting. But that was not all, Roman showed us his pictures of the building process of his giant project "The last light" and told us how he build and paint it. (With this project he won the slayersword Germany 2013) 0:45am, the end for today.

Day 3, start 9:30am. Last steps, details, effects, smoothing and pictures. 

...we finished at 7:00pm.

More pictures you can find here and here.

Thank you Roman 
and all other painters who paint whit us for a great weekend full of Voodoo and fun!

And now it is time for practice, practice, practice...

My friends are right: "If you have the chance to visit a workshop of Roman, DO IT!

Best regards
Enjoy happy painting (Roman Lappad)


  1. Very cool mate.. and glad that you were able to have so much fun at it! Just awesome results all around there! Congrats to all!

  2. Thanks Kyle,

    yes we have a great time. And now it it time for use what we've learned :-)