Some news and a bunch of bases

Hey folks!

At first a short and important message about the 5-th-dimension:

We will grow up in the next days and get a new member! You should know him. So stay tuned for more informations about it :)

In the last weeks Dellolyn and me had the pleasure to be participants of first class workshops. Dellolyn visited one of the awesome Massive Voodoo beginer workshops in his hometown Trier. where he came out with great results and new inspirations. If you missed it check out these articles HERE and HERE
She´s beautiful, isn´t she?
And I joined the Basing Workshop by Matt Cexwish last weekend from friday to sunday. I posted some first thoughts about it HERE on the blog and more pictures on our 5-th-dimension facebook page. I had great experiences and a review will follow. The workshop let me think about my bases what I built before and so I took a look in my WIP showcase at home. Was stunned about what I found: A lot of unfinshed bases, which I totally forgot in my minds. 

I had two versions for a Golden Demon project: The main parts should be two Harleqiuns in duel fighting or dancing each other. This one should be my first base for them.
Boring and usual ....

I love this part. I took a lot of parts and materials together to practice different paintingtechniques or other stuff that I want try on the miniature. I´m already using it.

The new base for the Harlequin project. I´m convinced in that I will never finish the duell, but HAVE TO USE these base! It was a lot of work and I like the idea very well.

A socket for my never realized undead warriors project. Maybe some day an other egyptian miniature could find place on it :)

Further on the base for a gift to a friend. 

Undead warrior the first. Like the first one in this row: Boring and usual.

That´s the base for our community project. The musician nightgobo will be placed on it in the future.

I´m certain that you hobbynerds have a same collection of unused bases and sockets. It´s always good to keep an eye on. Sometimes you forgot them like me and can use than for other projects, sometimes it´s only a good inspiration for new stuff. But first of all I will finish my base from the workshop: 

enjoy your day!

all the best 



  1. Thanks for the compliment my friend :-)

    The base for the Gobbo is great man, but I also like the base with the stoneflore for a undead warriar. And the workshop base take my breath away... Don't let it without a great miniature!

  2. Very cool collection of bases. Curious to hear what you had to say about the workshop as I am still thinking of how to write about it myself. Also very interesting to see who else will join this blog. Bet the new joiner is really cool ;)

  3. I know who the new member is! TROLOLOOLOL!

  4. Wonderful work. By the way, I have added 5th Dimension to my blog roll. ^_^