My unexpected journeys #1

Hey folks!

Let me start with a happy happy new year! In the last quarter of 2013 it was very quit about me. After I finished my studies in October there were a lot of things to do. Up to now I worked in a market research company that allows me to conduct studies around Germany and around the globe. So I was in luck to come around the world in the last three months. Furthermore I did some trips to friends and family in other countries like my hometown. So the last three month were very exciting and interesting and with this post I would like to share it with you. Furthermore it is a good reflection for me to sort my minds about what happened and maybe what will follow in the future. But what does this mean for painting?
Unfortunately I had not so much time to paint something. But from time to time in a quite hour I picked up my brushs and painted small stuff to relax. Additionally to this I took always a small "painting box" with me on all my travels with one miniature, a couple of choosen colors, brushs and a small wet-palette. Don´t used it so much often, but from time to time. And last but not least, I found hundreth impressions on my journeys which are open my views for new stuff. But first things first, let´s start at the beginning with one of my exciting trips .....

Korea, Seoul. I went over there for one week. Usually these kind of studies doesn´t allow to see so much of the country because the work is around 12-15 hours on day. But I was in luck to get two days off work so I could visit the nice main city of South Korea. I never had been to Asia before and so I didn´t know what expected me. Should I find my way? Does they speak english? What can I eat and how does the culture work over there? A lot of questions but Seoul made it easy to me. If you ever want join Asia and need an easy start, then go to this city. Seoul have an awesome infrastructre in transporting and I felt welcome the whole time. The most of the people can´t speak english but they try there best to help you in any way. The huge sice of the city is overwhelming - around 10 million citiziens and you can feel the size in where ever you are. The crime rate is remarkable low and I felt well and save everytime where I gone around. 

The garden of the king´s palace. Nice place, isn´t it?
Korean BBQ. If you can, do it where ever you are!
A small garden and an old graveyard for kings in the huge city

After I came back from Korea, I started a new project: The Survivor by Bobminiatures
At the first moment where i spotted the miniature Í fall in love with it. On the next pictures you can see current status. For more about the process you can check the older posts: Survivor unpacked, Survivor #2, Survivor #3


One of the next steps for my company wasn´t so much global like Korea, but an experience too. For the next study I went to Bochum. The city is located in a huge industrial area what we call "Ruhrpott". In my free days I visited an old coal company with the name 'Zeche Zollverein'. It´s and old out of order area where they produced coal and now a UNESCO world heritage site. Especially for us painters where we use a lot things around that theme an interesting place.

I stayed in Bochum for two weeks. In this time I used my paintbox the first time with an old model what I started to paint in 2011 at the painting class of Georg Damm. I like the Beastman, but have the feeling that I will never finsih him ^^

Next station: North Sea, Helgoland. A good friend of mine came to the glory ages of 30. She lives in Hamburg and decided to celebrate her birthday with us and friends on the small isle in the North Sea. In the summer season the isle is overloaded with tourists, but at the end where we visited nobody stayed there and so we had wunderful two days on it.

At the end of the last year, Dellolyn had the great idea to start a huge community project. So he and mine started to plan the project wich is named "Different styles, different colors, one family!". We united 20 Hobbynerds where each of them painted the same kind of miniature and bring them together in the end on one showbase. The project is still runnning and the first Gobos are finished. HERE you could find the last post of it. My own Nightgobo is already build and waits on the workbench to get colored.

2013 was not finished after this point and so we are going to the USA and Scotland in the next part of 'my unexpected journey'. Always on the way there was the paintbox. So you will meet a new mini and later on my firts experience with drawings. Stay tuned and enjoy your new year!

all the best


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  1. The beastman is just awesome fella!
    I'm looking forward how you paint the goblin :-)