My unexpected journey #2

Hey folks!

In the last days I posted a reflection by my self around the last months of my 2013. We went to Korea, Bochum and Helgoland. All around that was painting a part of my life. If you missed it, you should read this post before: My unexpected journey #1 But the trip didn´t stop at this point. In the next paragraphs you can read more of it! So enjoy ...

The next trip should be the last for my company in 2013. And a big one as well: USA, Illinois, Chicago. Stayed there for two weeks. Unfortunately not direct in the city, so I didn´t have so much time for sightseeing. But I found my way and I fulfilled one of my teenager dreams with visiting a NBA game! If you are not interested in Basketball the name Michael Jordan could be known to you. The most time he played at the Chicago Bulls .... more than 10 years ago ;) But Jordan or not, it was awesome to feel and to see the stunning and huge arena where two teams meet each other and I went out of the stadium with a big long smile in my face (and thought about my teenager times) although the Bulls lost.

Beside me in the states was my paintbox again. And you as exerting hobbynerds knows that one project is not enough at the same times. So I took a new old one lady with me that I began to paint months before. I named her 'Tanja the juggler' and the mini is of the programm by EDEN miniatures. The circus/ carnivale theme attracted me all times and with these kind of miniature I found a good way to bring it on my workbench.

This was my first try months ago. But didn´t feel well with the colors and the eyes and so the miniature got a bath in aceton.
The cast is very filgran and so the line with the juggling items got broken at this progress. It was to hard to clue it again and so I decided for an other possibility ...
Now she is a master in throwing knifes ...
... and Tanja wearing a new dress and a new skincolor.

The year cames to the end, and I finished all my business and got ready to celebrate Christmas and New Years Eve. This year the celebrations should be not here in good old Germany. The whole family should meet in Scotland because the sister of my girlfriend lives there with her friend on the countryside named Balimore (what is located HERE). In my eyes it´s one of the wunderfully places on earth and so we had amazing, traditionaly and relaxed 2 weeks with british christmas, a lot of haggis and black pudding, hiking and sight seeing near the high lands. By the way, they rent rooms, cottages and lodges over there. If you want meet Scotlands peaceful side, you should check out THIS side ;) (or let me know)  Last but not least we celebrated 'Hogmanay' what stand for New Years Day in Scotland. It´s a ritual to dance traditional dances and of course the mens werain Kilts! Unfortunately I didn´t find one in my size :(
It was an awesome time over there. I lost my heart on the isle and hopefully we can go back as soon as possible.

Here are some impression why I love this country:

Stonecircles - a MUST DO for me ;)

Edinburgh castle

Balimore farm estate

My first other kinds of painting

2013 is over. New challanges and new task will come. I finished my study last year, now it´s time for a new part in life but traveling more around is definetly a part of it - and painting :)

Again I wish you all the best for 2014! Enjoy every minute and don´t miss to stay tuned on 

all the best 


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