My Salute Game Plan and Nuts Planet's Crusader

Hello everyone!

As the end of the year passed by my focus shifts to the competitions I will be attending next year and the models I will be painting for them. The first big comp coming up is Salute, which is held at the Excel centre in London in April and this is my game plan for it!

So, my entries will be

1.  J3ff for Sci fi Single, he is still relatively early wip, expect to some progress on him in Feb
2. Vezdekhod 47, for Sci fi Vehicle/Monster, he is finished, but I need to make a name plate for him
3. Strife for Fantasy Single, there is still 10 hours or so sculpting left but I know exactly what I want from the paint job
4. Blood Demon and Fiends for Fantasy Wargame Unit, this is a new project which I haven't shown you guys and girls yet, so click on the link for a teaser :)
5. Slann Mage Priest for Fantasy Creature, 100% finished
6. Samurai for Large Scale, I've actually have been chipping away at him for the last few months, he is a about 65% finished
7. and DAKKA DAKKA!! Will enter the Misc category, unless my Mongol Warrior bust is the best thing since sliced bread ;)
8. The Crusader for historical single, which, to be honest, is not a wise choice, the model will clash in style with the other models in category (realistic vs bobble head) and then I've gone and painted it in a style which is miles away from the accepted way of painting historical models,

So there is a lot of work ahead, but I think it's a realistic amount that I can handle, the only doubt in my mind is the Blood Demon squad, I haven't painted a display standard squad for a good few years and I've been having some issues imaging how the colours will work on the squad, which could hinder progress, if there is to be a sacrificial lamb it will be that squad!

Now on to progress! This is the Crusader from Nuts Planet and I decided early on that I was going to stick to a limited palette of temperature contrasting colours and so far, it has been... interesting to say the least!

At the moment I am still not 100% comfortable with the colour scheme, I think the paintjob whilst interesting, over all lacks a bit of subtlety, the face still needs work as does some of the leather.
The main concerns I have at the moment are his shield and cloak, originally I had a nice free hand picked out for the shield, but am struggling to see how I can fit appropriate freehand within the stripes, also the cloak is just too flat at the moment, I'd love to get some freehand on there but the folds would obscure the shape and form of a big design, more thought is need on both!

If you have any suggestions or ideas leave em below!



  1. i say you have a pretty strong lineup :) i find myself pretty limited to a few entries because i have to flight there, but i see we're going to clash in some categorys ;)

    1. OoOoOo! Which categories will duking it out in Stefan?

    2. i have not decided fully yet, but i'll bring my contemptor dread and the skeleton regiment for fantasy unit for sure. perhaps taking the orks for sci-fi unit but then i have to nail them to another sockel as the display base will never make another trip. not even sure what catergories that exists though have to look into that. you know if there is a better category specification somewhere beside last years results?

    3. As far as I recall Stefan the rules have never been anythin more than the category restrictions that have been posted! It gunna be great to see your stuff in person again!

    4. cool. i guess im too used to GD's fascist rules ;) will be great to see you again John!

  2. Very nice line up indeed. Being my first year at Salute, it is interesting to hear that they have a painting competition actually.. as I only ever hear of the retailers and demo games! Now I am more stoked about going, and need to think on a few pieces to take with me.. just to say that I did though more than anything! Looking forward to seeing how the crusader comes along though!

    1. It's actually a pretty big comp in the UK, the 3rd biggest behind GDUK and Euro and it's the only comp that is independent and focusses on scifi/fantasy. Check their site, has all the winners from last year

      And if you wanna know the ins and out just give us a shout ;)

    2. That is really good to know! I now need to look at a few pieces around the house and see if I can get them finished in time or not :) Nothing better than a bit of pressure :D

  3. Hey John,

    the small guy is funny and really nice painted *thumbs up*.
    The red nose and his blue hair is a great contrast and your blendings get better every miniature you paint.
    That is also a big list of entrys, wish you the best for the ranking.

    Good luck and have fun my friend :-)