Deamon Prince part 1 - Building

Hello 2014! This is a few WIP pictures of the next larger project ive been working on lately, a Nurgle Deamon prince. This is some images of the building process...

The head, viciously taken from one of my FW bile trolls, given a breather over his mouth using Milliput. Guitar-string. The small details on the breather is watch parts.
Soulderpad is from the plastic deamon prince box, although the made premade pattern is also filled with milliput, as i prefer a freehand pattern instead

The torso is also from the plastic deamon set, although yet again i had to fill the chest with milliput to get rid of that pesky premade pattern there. lots of filling gaps and joints. Sanding, sanding, sanding.

Built a left arm with plasticard and lots of cogs from a watch. built a new belly using super scuply and milliput. some cogs there too ;)

Build the right hand using parts from skaven, and lots of cogs... Right lower arm is again from the plastic deamon set. 
Knocked in some poles in the back for a banner.


Back shot. The breather-container is from FW grot tanks set pimped with watch details and etched stuff from the renegade militia etched brass set.

Added wings from plage drones, not seen in this images he also has an ass taken from the drones box. The legs is from the original Nurgle Deamon prince in finecast. the only thing not here is the shoulder pad which will be attached on the left metal arm later.

Oh and this is not the base i have in mind for him.

Wasnt totally happy with the "letter opener" metal claws, so remade them (v3.0). The right hand and wings are not permanently attached to allow painting easier.

Nailed the guy to a cork base, ready for painting.

Lots of details... :)

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  1. Really like the conversion, but It would be much to hard to paint something like this for me. I trust in your skill ;-)

    *Keep my fingers crossed for you*