Circus is in town!

Hey folks!

The process of Tanja the juggler is almost finish. Some more details and it´s done. 

Compatible to the miniature I found some nice pictures on my computer. I totaly forgot that I did this trip in the end of summer here in Berlin. It´s called "Spreepark" and is an old out of order amusment park. The park was running until 2001 and got in insolvency in the same year. There are a lot of stories why the park wasn´t economically profitable. One reason was the entry of 30 DM p.P. without the chance to park the car over there. But that´s not all. A lot of rumors are around the park. Fact is that a amusment park direct in the main city could be a highlight for people who lives here and more than this for tourists. But one reason against a reopen is the uncleared condition who is the owner now of the park because the old one is in prison in Peru because he tryed to smuggle drugs in parts from the park on international deliveries. Also the old parc is located in an envorinmental protection area. 
But now the park is definitly closed and the empty area is a nice spot for photgraphs and corious onlocker. The place is permanent watched by securities, but they conduct tours in regular times to watch the old attractions and buildings. If you ever come to visit Berlin, you should visit it! :) 

When I was a child, i f have been to the running park ;)

For more (german) informations about the park you should visit the official webpage:

For any english information:

Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. Hi there! I've just found this website. Great works you have, really nice. It's already added to my bookmarks.
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    Vallejo/Model Air/Andrea/Tamia/Gunze are great but I think they're somekind fragile, once I manipulate a lot my models before finish them, moreover, are expensive and hard to find in Brazil. Well, I found a great range of Flashe in a store at São Paulo. I liked a lot other vinyl paints for screen printing, except for it being very harmful.
    Well, now my questions: could you compare the usage of Flashe in airbrush to Model Air/Vallejo? Does Flashe adhere well to the plastic? Is it relatively resistant to manipulation?
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    1. Interessante Doku. Schau ich mir später genauer an. Danke fürs zeigen.