End Times: Tyrion, Avatar of Khaine

I think its very boring, that GW has not released new miniatures for End Times Khaine. So I have done my best to create some good stuff :D.

Tyrion, Avatar of Khaine

Malekith, the Phoenixking

Booth are in work in progres :).

Fallen Frontiers Miniature Review!

Hello folks!

I have another miniature review for you and it's from Scale Game's Final Frontiers!

I have known about the project since very early on, Elias Alonso, one member of the very talented team at Scale brought some early examples of the models when I invited him over to teach for the Weekend Workshop. Even early on the minis looked fantastic and I've been chuffed to see the range develop over the last year or so. To say I was pleased to get a package in the post from Elias was an understatement!

Below is an example of all 4 races to date, all the casts are really sharp and accurate with no faults. As you can see there are mold lines (as you'd expect) but it didn't take me more than 20 minutes to clean up. They fit together fairly well using asymmetrical ball and joint sockets, or in the case of the Sayx office, a square peg and hole.  

Sculpt wise these guys are top notch! Considering the miniatures are supposed to be for tabletop gaming the detailing and accurate proportions are really good to see.

And now the models cleaned up and put together!

My favourite so far is certainly the Riff Berserkers, the bulk of the anatomy combined with the movement of the sculpts really help draw the eye, they would make a great competition piece I think.

Fallen Frontiers is in it's last 24 hours and it looks like all the stretch goals will be unlocked by the end, if you have yet to take a look you can find their Kickstarter Here!

Back in business: Preview of upcoming projects.

Hey hobbyfreaks out there,

it is me a pleasure to tell you that I'm back in business. Little son sleeps well the nights and I get some time to work on projects that had to wait so long time to get a push.

This time I just want to show you some pictures of WIPs, upcoming projects and step by steps that are in line for the next weeks/month.

 ... the orc army, slowly but growing...

 ... two boys as sample, the base will become a desert scheme...

 Look like they will working good on the gaming table later.

Some of my started projects, ideas that want be realised.

This and some special projects like the orktruck (vitrine painted) and the exchange miniature for my friend Sara will fill the freetime in the evenings for a long time.

Feel free to comment and say what you like or what you don't like. 
If you want to read a steb by step or just want to know what materials you need to try it by your own, let me know in the comments.

Enjoy the week, yours Michael aka Dellolyn. 

Hell'Gob Sneak Peak!

Hello everyone, I hope you are well! Today I have a sneak peak for you from Skulls Mini. I managed to nab this little fella thanks to Antoine Roffe, thanks Antoine! 


General impressions are that it's a nice clean, sharp cast with plenty of character, the parts fit togehter pretty simply and he stands 32mm tall.

Hell'Gob will be part of a range of hero inspired models from Skulls Minis, they plan to launch an Indiegogo campaign very soon, find out more here Brik a Brak I was lucky to see the rest of the range at Monte! I am really looking forward to getting my hands on Hammer'Gob myself!
 Thanks to John Keys for the last 2 pictures!

Scottish Bones

Hey folks!

Long long time ago I finished a project ... Up to now I never published the final pictures. The only reason was, that I had no good camera for that. But now after four or five month later I took some better pictures. 

This piece was an important step for me for my personal painting knowledge.  Because with it I got a better understanding for color focus, partitial basing and detailed storytelling. Let me explain it row after row:

Color focus: The skeleton warrior is comparatively small to the rest of the base. If I would paint the clocktower with bright and colorfull colors, the warrior would definitly move to the backround. Then the tower would have the focus in the whole scene. So I choosed dark and cold colors for the tower and more brighter and colorfull for the miniature.

Partial basing: Usual the creating of this project was planed for a GW Games Day. The rules said, that the miniatures has to be on a gaming base. After I created the warrior, I had the vision, that he has to be placed in a medieval area. The warrior looks more friendly than ohter skletons, so he could work in a city of undeads. Maybe it would be possible to build a small house on the gaming base, but with that I had the same problem that I had with color focus. If the house (the backround) got to big, the focus on the warrior could get lost. So I built only a partitial part of the clocktower with the important elements to understand what it is. With the maximum width of the gaming base. In front you can see a small part of a medieval street. Everything reduce to the elemental parts.

Detailed storytelling: My intention at the start of this project was to create a skeleton warrior that looks more friendly. His focus isn't war, blood and death like the ususal undeads has, but the GW miniatures are very simple and not much detailed for that. I can't really explain why, but I understand that it are the small parts of life what makes the differents. So I tryed to give him more and more "real" details to make the skeleton alive. The same on the base. All these small part like the bird-poop on the roof or the small flowers on the ground gives the scene the whole character. Of course it is very important  to paint a miniature in a good way, but to create an overall good looking piece it is also important to bring as much small details in the scene as you can.  

If you would like to know how this creation was built, check out the three WIP posts:
#1 Creating the base
#2 Lets cross some bones!
#3 Colors

He's living in a city of undeads.
Where the bonish people has jobs and live together. 
They need a nightwatch, a nightwatch for the clock tower ....

Feel free to vote on:

all the best


Prizes, prizes, prizes!

Hey folks!

Long time ago there was an awesome painting contest with cool artists and a big bunch of miniatures. 
Long time ago we announced all winners in regular and the lucky winners for the random prize pool.
If you missed it klick HERE.
It tooks a while to collect all adresses and to handle organizing logistic problems, but now finally every thing is fixed and ready to go!
So sorry for the delay, but we are happy to tell you that today the most of the prize packages found their way to the next postal office. 
We have winners in Norway, Sweden, UK, the USA, Russia, Spain, France and of course Germany. So hopefully everybody of these lucky could get their prizes in the next couple of days/ weeks.

Please let us know when you received your prize. For this leave a comment here, or write us a short mail to the known Email address.

At least we would like to say thank you again for that awesome and overwhelming start in our first own painting contest. It was a pleasure for us manage it for you and lucky to get these stunning response. 

So thanks again and again, and mybe we see each other next!


5-th-dimension crew

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