WIP: Orctruck #1

Hello painters out there,

it was a long time silent here. Pre-christmas time, holiday, work... we all are very busy.
To brake the silence I want to show you a small WIP of my orctruck. The most of you will know that I'm a painter who start a lot of projects and switch between random. The orctruck is a funproject, just paint and try some things on a vehicle.

Let's start with the "ready for painting" - picture.

...after priming...

The truck is NOT glued together completely, I can disjoint the truck in a few parts to paint it easily. Just stick them together to see were are the light parts and the shadow parts.

First colours are yellow and bronw tones for the armor parts. I want to paint it in a kind of  badmoon stile.

 ..but I also like the Idea of the death skulls. The death skulls are living in fear of there god who loves the colour blue. So they wear blue tattoos and paint the upper parts of there vehicles in blue to show there affiliation to him.

That's it until now. I want to paint the metal parts in NMM steal, and the truckdriver and his friend in a kind of comic stile. But I'm not sure yet. Hope you like it.

So, have a great time, weekend and christmas is near ;-)

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