Tyranids are coming - and Daggoth will rise again!

Hey there painteholics,

Long time no read. I am pretty much into my studies but I try to find some time working on this and that. I am pretty much focussed on tabletop painting right now since I don't have the nerves for high quality precision painting after 10 to 12 hours of study stuff. So I just take my brushes here and there to calm down and find back to the hobby when my mac and all the studying getting on my nerves. As I am a total tyranid nerd this is a pretty exciting time. Rumors are flying in by the minute and facts are mixing up with total wish listing. But that is what I love about a new release - the weeks and weeks beforehand trying to figure out some rules, waiting for the first pics to drop by. I have to say that I was less interested in the models than in the new codex itself. I think I am more in the player mode right now. While this is more of an painting blog- the games behind all the miniatures are also a part many people care about. I don't know if I find the time but I try to post some pictures of new miniatures in the next months. I may also put in some battle reports for those hobbyists out there who focus more on the gaming part.

Right now I am getting my Hive Fleet Daggoth ready for the new codex. Cleaning up some broken paint etc. I also painted some miniatures I like but actually never played due to bad rules etc. I finished three Lictors and Old One Eye for example. Here are the pictures of these models.

While the release of codex tyranids is just some weeks away I looked at my conversions of the harpy which will finally see a model in this release. While I will probably still going to buy the new kit I will still field my two ladies. Here are some pics of my go at the tyranid harpy. Maybe I will play them as one of the new choices, either a harpy or as a Hive crone. 

And with all the big things going on due to escalation and stronghold assault I looked at what I could field as a Lord of war but unfortunately I do not yet own an harridan. But I have a nice parade of big creatures sitting in waiting to get to the battlefield again. And who knows if I can get my hands on an harridan model or if I decide to do my own conversion. I never tried to sculpt something that big - maybe I will give it a try in the future. :D 

I wanna close this post with some of my ongoing projects. I am working on another two Mawlocs to play in apocalypse and I am working on a special creature I titled Terviphant. The inspiration comes
( of course) from star craft two`s Swarmhost. It shall work as a creature for api games I write my own ruleset for. Its unfinished and I still need an idea for his front legs but here are the pics :D 

++ Project: Terviphant - Hive Fleet Daggoth - DNA-Strain: Tervigon - Danger Class: Alpha ++

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  1. The Terviphant is awesome fella, like your ideas to use everything for building thyranid beasts. *thumbs up*