Hive Flet Daggoth sighted again!

Hello fellow painteholics,

Long time no read. I hope the christmas spirit found its way in your home aswell. :) After long months of study I found some painting time again. And rumors about an upcoming tyranid release in january make me nervous like a little child, waiting for christmas eve. :P To stop me from getting over exited I started my own little Tyranid projects to add to my Hive Fleet Daggoth. So what do you do if you cant get your hands on all new models? Create them on your own using old kits and tons of Green Stuff. The rumors were talking about a new Psychic Bug in the HQ section. Bad in Close Combat but a mighty supporter and I immediately thought about a Hive Queen kind of creature. A powerfull link to the Hive Mind but not intended for engaging the enemy. I started to build and add kits and pieces together- and thats what I ended up with. 

++++++++++  TYRANID HIVE QUEEN  ++++++++++

++++++++++  TYRANID LICTOR BROOD  ++++++++++

After I finished nearly every Brood of Tyranids, I decided to paint some of the less rule effective Models. After all I really like the idea behind the Lictor and I built a Brood out of Warrior and Carnifex Bitz. Some of you might recognize the very old 2. Edition Lictor Claws. I Really like them :)


  1. The queen is just one big piece of hot a$$ ;)
    Well done!

  2. Preview of the news Tyranid ?
    Really nice job, converstion are very well realized !

    Good continuation