A special plinth for a awesome project by Raffa aka Picster: "Giu's Robot Repairs"

Hey fellas,

at the moment I build some plinths for friends and so I want touse this to show you a special one.
First I want to say, it was me a great pleasure to build this one for such a great artist!

Gui's Robot Repairs by Raffa aka Picster from Massive Voodoo.

Here on of the 3d illustrations Raffa send me to explane what he want to haveand on the right the finished plinth.

And here are some pictures during the building process:

I choose "box joint" in Germany known as "Fingerzinken" as corner joint for this plinth because Raffa said to me it would be a interactive project. Hard to build perfect but the best result you can have.

Singel borders cut  at 45 degree building the basement.

In the end the plinth was sandpapered and oilwaxed for a perfect smooth surface.

At this point my work was done... but it was still the beginning of the project.

Raffa, you are a damn genius!

Enjoy his great report in 5 parts.

If you want to vote for this great project you can do this here:

Hope you enjoyed the "small" ;-) post, have a good start in the new week.


  1. Amazing work from both of you artists!!! I'd love to see a tutorial or 2 on how to do some basic plinths at some point from you as I'm keen on getting in to making some basic custom plinths for my own work. Would you consider doing something like this in the future?

  2. Thanks.

    IF you want to I can do a step by step tutorial after christmas about building a plinth. It would be nice to know which wood tools you have, so I can tell you what you can build with this and how.
    Best is you write me a mail to dellolyn@5-th-dimension.com.
    If you have questions just ask me.