A Quick Look at Zinge Industries

Hello everyone! As Christmas closes in I would like to do a quick spotlight on a small English company, Zinge Industries. 

Just incase anyone is curious as to what the parts are in the picture, from left to right
Fantasy Bits SprueLarge Bullet Boxes SprueCable Terminals Sprue, Bullets, Shells, Spent Casing Sprue

I found out about Zinge when I stumbled upon there store at Salute earlier this year, as their range has grown so to has my love for their products! Zinge specialises in creating high quality, well detailed conversions parts for wargamers and convertors alike, they focus mainly on sci-fi parts but they released their first fantasy bits sprue last week (pictured above).

I have found the quality of the casts to be excellent as well as the service, communication and their dispatch times. I genuinely feel that whether you're a wargaming or miniature painter that you'll find many uses for the parts that Zinge creates, It's a company I highly recommend, make sure you check out their shop, Zinge Industries and keep up to date with latest releases over on Facebook.


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