The Survivor #3

Hey folks!

In the last days I had some time to paint again on the Survivor. After a big freehand session in the back of the coat, I started to color the base. It was funny to paint it in wild wet-in-wet action after the whole filgran freehand stuff. I choose a more unrealistic green look to get a nice contrast to the more purple colored skin of the Survivor. Besides this it fits good to the braun pants of the model and later on I will bring the green color back in the shadows of the coat with thin glazes.

The idea of the sculpter Bob is that the ice-pick sticks in the head of the ladys corpse. Unfortunately I was very awkwardly at removing the moldlines and broke the pick and lost the top of the pick in the amplitudes of my floor. Please don't ask how this could happen .... ;) 
So I decide on to use the rest of the pick as a part of scrap metal for the base. In that way I pimped the base a little bit more with plastic bits and plastic card tubes. 

In my last posting about the Survivor I asked you for hints for nice freehands on the plain head skin. The advise for a scan- or barcode was very nice, and so I bring it on the head. Thanks again for your helps! :)
The sword blade got also first colors, but I'm not fine with it right now. Maybe I paint it again.

Freehand paintings on minis are parts that I don't want to miss. They bring always an individual part on the miniature and I like to create pictures, symbols and textures step by step. They are growing more and more in every minute. 
Usual I would like to paint only a skull with a huge lower jaw,  maybe with a rose or symbols in it. But than I looked on the big empty surface below the skull. It was crying:"Use the empty areas! Paint it!" I listened to the voices and after some sketches on paper i started to paint the tentacles. It's not finished yet but at the moment I like my painting if the freehand. Up to no it is one of my complexed kinds of it.

I hope I will find some more time in the next days to finish him because it's one my favourite paintjobs for me in the last times, and I can't wait to see it finished :)

all the best, 


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  1. Very nice freehand, Siggi. The Base Looks very interesting too.