Some events, part 2.... C4 Open, Malmö, Sweden

And then… reloading time again! Yaay!

This time for Sweden’s main model event, C4 open in Malmö, southern Sweden. The competition attracts not only Swedes but also lots of international modelers, mostly from Scandinavia but I know some polish guys were there too. This is the second time I entered the show, last time was 2009 I believe, which was my first model competition ever. Although some of my stuff also was on display 2011, but I wasn’t there in physical form that time - you don’t necessarily have to be there in person, you can send your minis with a friend etc to enter the competition.

This got Gabriels special
best in show award :)
Just some small repairing to do after the Euromilitare show. My contemptor ‘bluebot’ model broke his hips *ouch* after the redneck bump ride lol through southern England I was actually a bit surprised nothing else broke! Luckily no paintjob damage, so it was some relaxed four days between the Hussar and C4 shows =)

This time both the Mrs. and Jr was traveling with me. Fun! But it also means, there is little time to walk around in a relaxing way, as 3yrs old junior pretty much is everywhere and nowhere.

The event is held at a technique and maritime museum, a great place very suitable for this competition- which is more a scale model competition than a miniature competition. I have to say the overall level of miniatures is pretty high considering. But there are lots of tanks, it feels like even more than at Euromilitaire. Tanks, ships and airplanes everywhere! And some really cool Dioramas. Guess the competition is fierce in these categories.
Tanks tanks tanks

Some of the awesome dioramas

...aaaaand a Stardestroyer...

I’ve been told before that the fact that the judges are scale modelers and not miniature painters, the miniature judging have not all the time been awesome in the past. I do believe they did a good job this time (giving me loads of medals, har har har). I ended up pretty good with my stuff, all in all I received 4 gold and 2 silver medals.

I also got what I guess you can call the “overall winner” for miniature painter, sort of “Swedish champion” medal. It was awarded for each type of models on the event (minis, tanks, airplanes, dioramas, ships, etc etc)

IPMS - International Plastic Modelers Society

Again I really should have taken more photos, damnit. This time most of the energy was spent in checking Gabriel so he didn’t went bananas on the “toys on the tables” ;)

All in all a very pleasant model show I have to say, which is my last for this year. Guess 2013 turned out a pretty good miniature year after all!

Stay tuned for project updates… and follow my WIP at facebook, !
Have to say it feels pretty good to finally not paint under pressure, that ive been doing all the way since August to different shows. Lets see how long that lasts...  

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