Small painting helper.

Good evening together,

because I try to paint nearly every evening the last time and the next time I hope ;-), it's importent to sit in the right position. Its very hard when the altitude difference between top of the seat and the top of the table is to small.
My first change of my workbench was to raising the high of my painting table, <<<click>>>

Then I saw this at a picture of the workbench by moses (one of the painters who paint a goblin for the community project)...

...but I 'm a carpenter, so I try to build the perfect one for my workbench. Here is the reasult:

the dimensions are 25cm (wide), 15,5cm (high) and 10cm (deep)

On the bottom of the painting helper I glued 6 suction knobes to fix it on the table. aktion ;-)

For my it's a giant alleviation and great help to hold the miniature. Especially when the miniature is big  with a heavy wight.

Just enjoy painting without pain!