Review: After the battle; Andrea Miniatures

Hello, hello,

after an unbelievable long time of not painting any privat miniatures, I started my U.S.GreenBeret a few weeks ago, and got quiet nice results on it. But at the moment he doesent want me to paint him, so I had to search an alternative Mini, which wants to join the duke with me.
So I choose the famous andrea bust, after the battle, which shows a knight after a long and hard fight. Pretty good base to bring some emotions on a mini.
So lets start the review:

Pretty simple box, nothing special here. But btw an absolutely amazing paintjob on their label. The face could move every second. Amazing

At the inside you'll find two resin parts, and seven metal parts. 

First thing to look at is a nice casted, and absolutely clean resinsocket. In my opinion its just way too small for the bust, and the angle of the bust to stand on it is wrong as I think. But it will be used for another nice mini for sure.

The Resinpartof the miniature is also the mainpart. Very nice casted, nearly no moldline, and absolutely high detailed byrnie.

A bit resinstuff in here, but thats all.

The helmet is casted in White Metal, which is very good. As we all know, resin gets soft under heat. And lamps in a cabinet are hot, and it already happened that several resinparts very bending under the lamps' heat. So, pretty good, and well planned of Andrea.

It fits quite good to the head, just some small spaces, no problem.

The sword.
Nice fine structure of rope on the top, no moldline. Great, whatever ;)

Those four small parts are two leather straps for the helmet, and two strings for his shirt.

The size of the details is very nice. I like stuff like that.

Next time, building it up.


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