Race to Monte San Savino!

Ello, ello folks! Monte San Savino is just around the corner (this weekend in fact!) and I am heading over with a good friend of mine megazord_man, (if you spot us make sure you come say ello) however!! I haven't finished all my entries! One in particular has sat mockingly on my half finished shelf and I've decided I am going to sink a good few hours into him in an effort to get him finished.

So this is the Mongol Warrior bust from SK Miniatures, on Saturday I was working on the moonlight striking his back, I'll need to go back and refine that once the firelight from the front is more fixed and yesterday I was working on the chest piece and the leather surrounding it, again trying to create the right feel for the firelight, the front is going to need a good few more hours work until the light on he whole bust feels right. Tomorrow I will be working on his coat, I've been quite unsure how to colour the coat, but I liked how the leather strap across his came out so much I am going to try to replicate that!

Mongul Warrior

Also, since I am taking so many large models over to Monte I had to get myself a new figure case, so I bodged the MkI figure case up! A french wine box, a handle and 2 lengths of very magnetic steel makes for a pretty decent box!

I'll attempt to do a few updates on the Mongol Warrior before Monte!



  1. looks awesome! man, have fun and good luck at monte. wish i could go too, but been a bit intense with the shows lately...

  2. A fantastic paintjob...the face is amazing!