Different Styles, Different Colors, One Family: more WIPs, more painters, more gobooooooos!!!!

Good morning painters around the world!

It's time fore the next WIPs of you and my goblin idea for the project.
But first I want to start with Arne "Sleipnir" Wilkens. He is one of the painters for our showbase.
Really like his conversion and of his small green guy :-) and second he start a new blogidea. As you can see at the name of his blog its also a new concept of blogwriting.

Here some preview pictures of his goblin (more you can find on his blog/ and the way he build it) and the link to his blog:

The next I want to show you is one out of the pictures you send us for the part 2 of the project:
WIP by Zab (more you can find here):
he send us so many cool goblins, I want to show you my favorites:

And now,here are my first WIPs of the Goblin. I have the gread pleager pleasure to convert and paint the captain of the unit. 
After all I have seen until now I have to build and paint like I never did befor ;-)
It's just the outline, goblin in the jungle ;-)

 "Thanks to all" for the big aid and reply. For all who want also be a part of, your welcome!

Just send us your goblin to 
 dellolyn@5-th-dimension.com or barfrau@5-th-dimension.com.
 And for all who asked me,
 every goblin is great, it havn't to be a miniature by gamesworkshop.
We choosed them because there are so many different ways to paint them.

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