A army project: high elves in autumn/fall Part1

Good morning,

today I want to show you my "by the way"- army project: high elves in autumn/fall.
It was so a hard long work to build the elves, remove mold lines, building up the bases, etc...
I start my way to increase my  painting motivation and painting skill. After the first reverses I try another way, this time it works (and I 'm very happy about this).
Painting is not painting, painting for showcase you need much more concentration and skill then for painting armys (tabletop standard).

And like a great painters says: "Painting skill is like a muscle, training will increase your skill and let the muscle grow." (Jarhead from massive voodoo)

And for all gamers, I play in my army miniatures that looks cool for my, not a list to win the match ;-)

Here is my army, motivation pusher and skill increaser project: high elves in autumn/fall.

  The army main colours will be blue and silver.

The high elve archers are normaly the archers of the wood elves...

...the main unit are form the starterbox and spearmen.

The sowrd master of hoeth are a part of the army because they are a part of the startbox and I like to paint swords :-)

One of my favorit units, the white lions of chrace. Really like there dynamic.

The Ellyrian Reavers are a perfect guard for my mage, I hope so...

And one of the mages. The horse is one of the horses out of the chariot box.

 And every army needs a special figure, my one is the standard bearer. He is build out of different parts of the lions of chrace, the chariot box, spearman box, some parts of the repeater bolt thrower and much green stuff.... very much green stuff... But the reasult is looking nice for me.

Soooo, hope you like the army. It will take al ot of time but it's ok, I also need much practise.

Have a good day, and keep on painting.


  1. Looking good.. it is definitely a different skill set to paint an army versus showcase. Looking forward to how you take this one on!

    1. Thanks Kyle, perhaps we play a round when its finished ;-)

    2. Deal. My deamons need a reason to get some paint on them :)

  2. Man, this elves are looking pretty good, I´m eager to see them painted, specially the white lions, my favourite unit in the HE army!!

    1. Thanks, the lions are my favorite too :-) will do my best to let them shine.