U.S. Green Beret Day 3

Today the basework started.

I want him to be finished, to clear the situation in a house, where enemies were in. He just walked out the door to tell his fellows to come after him.

So the idea is a wall of a house in oriental style, with a door and a window in it. A window? Why does there have to be a window?
I found an amazing looking necklace, which fits perfect in the oriental style. Look at it.

So first things first. I took a sheet of plasticcard (thanks to mortimer who brought them for free to Edersee 2013 meeting. Love u buddy)

Than I used a pencil to draw the position and the shapes of the door and the window.

Before cutting all out I tried if it works together with the mini

Not too big, not to small, I liked it, and cutted all out.

To get a massive wall, I wanted to use Stewalin, which is a mixture of ceramic and gypsum.
To get this, I built a castingform, where I could fill in the Stewalin.

Unfortunatelly there is no pic of the finished form, but just close it from every side, use superglue to be sure that every angle is absolutely closed.

When its done, use stewalin and fill it up.

And the result after opening

Now I took my wooden socket by Vlado aka BigPandaV who makes amazing sockets. Just hold your eyes open.
To get a bit more height on the socket, and I made a castingform round the socket.

Than I filled it with stewalin too.

To conect the house part and the socket, I drilled two holes into the wall.

To get the exact position of the holes on the socket, I covered the holes with a thick layer of black paint, and stamped it on the socket. Be sure that the color is still wet, and pretty thick.

Now holes were drilled, and toothsticks will hold the two parts together.

Tryout if it looks good
 Thats it for today.
More to come soon



  1. Hey there! If you let me give you my opinion, I believe that the base is waaaaaaay too big for that miniature... unless you make an absolutely excellent and super detailed work on the building, walls and such, it's going to be a burden for the mini I think. But of course, this is just my opinion and I may be wrong! I'm following you closely ;)