U.S. Green Beret Day 2


today I built the mini up, and did some extrawork.

So lets see what happened here:

First step was to look really really close to find some small moldlines. And I did. But I could clean them all pretty easy with some sandpaper.

After that was finished, I started to put those metalholder on the boots away, to get a clean look, and to be able to drill a hole for the stick which will connect the Mini with the socket later.

After. That everything was glued together. All parts fit absolutely perfect. A pleasure to build minis like that

Ok, now the headset is on its turn. I didnt like the headset which was in the box, caus it looks very plump, and way to big for the face.

I cuted it in two pieces and glued the bottom part where it belongs, the ear.

I took some wire and bended it till it fited exactly to the face. Some greenstuff was sculpted around the end of the wire, e voila, a new headset is born :)

I also dont like the arms of him, so i sculpted a tshirt.

After I looked some time at the mini, the position of the weapon looked a bit unrealistic, cause in my opinion a M16 Gun is a bit to heavy to care it like that, without a carrying strap. So I built one.

Thats it for today.

Tomorrow will the base be started. Stay tuned.


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  1. cool! looking forward to see some paint on this!