The Survivor #2

Hey folks!

Two days ago I posted a big review about my new project on my workbench: 'The Survivor' by Bob-Miniatures. If you mist it, check out the review HERE
In this review I lost some first words about my ideas to paint him. I would like to use more airbrush techniques and started yesterday with that tool on the skin. Another next product came to my workbench, and so it was a fresh combination of new things: I´m a airbrush noob, new mini, and new colors. The new colors are in the Scale75 colorset for Non Metal Metalics and I bought it in Big Pandas shop (maybe you know him from the dieVinicis). My first impression by the new colors are very good. Had no problems with it in the airbrush, and afterwards with the brush-brush  again a good feeling. I didn´t use the recomended color combination for the skin inside the package, and so my skin on the Survivor gets more to purple. It isn`t a realistic look now, but I like the result. With some glazes of Darkseeblue it get a good contrast, AND I´m always try to use non realistic colors so everything was fine :). 
I don´t know why but today I had big problems tp photograph it, and so the pictures are "semi good". Believe me, there are more contrast and colorvariations ;). I can imagine that the big purple proportions in the skin could be the problem for the camera.  Hope it works better at the next WIP pictures. Here are some impressions of my firts paintings:

So far I´m fine with the first results. The next step is to brush the coat. It gets a black color with a dirty worn look. On the back is enough place for a cool freehand painting. Have no clue yet but I will find something :) 
No I need your ideas: The head is totaly unhaired. More space for some eyecatcher like freehands. I thought about to paint him a head tattoo on the right side but also have no clue yet what could be fits. Do you have any ideas? 


all the best



  1. You could paint à barcode or à serial number as if he escaped à laboratory... It fits well with post apocalyptic miniatures. Or you could invent marking symbols. By the way congrats for your price with the tank !
    Nicolas Réant.

    1. Hey Nicolas! Thanks for the hint with the barcode. Was a cool idea and i did it :) More pictures will come next. By the way i didnt won anything, because i havent been to any competitions. I think you mean Stefan aka Skelettes ;)

    2. Ooops Sorry for that ! I Shouldn't use my smartphone when reading blogs... That doesn't help to see well. ;)
      Nicolas Réant