Some events, part 1... Hussar, Poland


Well, it has been a few busy weeks until now, after the Euromilitaire show in UK I instantly started to prepare for the next upcoming show, Hussar! This is very much thanks to my friend Adam aka LOLER who pretty much talked me into it. So, as I always loved the little grot tanks from Forgeworld I thought it would be a perfect job to fit the timeframe. So, as they only sell pack of four, pretty expensive, I required one tank thanks to another Adam- Parkhouse, who’s bits box is starting to become pretty famous ;)

So I got the tanks done, but it wasn’t the pleasant experience I was hoping for. I got an inflammation in both my forearms two weeks before the competition which I strongly suspect was the result of bad ergonomic at work and hobby. I wasn’t able to close my hands when it was the worst. But, at least I managed to paint the tank in time. And luckily, it paid off at the end (hope to get some professional photos of the tank soon) 

So I was heading for Poland and the Hussar show. As the air connections Sweden – Poland is pretty much fu*ked up, best way of travel was strangely enough to Wroclaw instead of Warsaw, at least from Gothenburg. This made this trip pretty massive. Thankfully I had good company by Loler and his brushbrother ( ) friend Piotrek 'Dexter' really great guys, great hospitality. I should have taken more pictures though. Why didn’t I ?? D’oh!

Well at the event, I was really blown away by the quality of basically every entry. This show held a standard well matching this year’s German GD. Polish guys are craaazy when it comes to painting freehand! For more reading about the event I recommend Klaus Dorn’s report at Raumschmiede, . it also contains links to images etc.

It was awesome to meet the Polish folks, The Russians, Klaus and mr Painting Buddah of of course, and everyone else i forgot. To summon the award ceremony in one word, Klaus describes it the best. “WooOOOOoooOOooottTTttTT????” I was received a gold in large miniature with my Rhinotaurus mini, honorable with the horrors and a bronze with the grot tank… and a bloody hussar sword for best in show!

Needless to say, its my finest recognition and best moment as a miniature painter so far. Not sure how to top this! Still schocked and surprised though, but happy happy happy! :)

The evening was ended with a nice afterparty and after-afterparty at Bohun’s place, unfortunately I had to split pretty early because of the non-ultimate travel plans. Try to figure out better ones next year for sure. Have to say though that the whole polish experience was a little bit shaded with a kind of terrible trip back to Sweden. A late cancelled flight and a new one taking forever, I can only thank Loler again for the hospitality. But all in all, a great time in Poland thanks again to all people at Hussar. I totally recommed this event and I will definitely try to go next year.

Now, some time to relax before I hit the next projects. Guess ill be heading for crystal brush in usa next spring, so have to make some plans...  hmm...

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  1. My congratulations again! You've done a great job!

  2. Stef, you simply the best! Big congratz fella.

  3. Congratulations Mister! Well deserved!

  4. Stef is rocking and rolling up and down the painting competitions :D Well deserve dman :D

  5. I saw your minis they were realy great! Congratulation!