Painting Buddha: "target identified Season 1.1" REVIEW

Hey painters out there,

it's time to show you some cool stuff! Some of you will still know the DVD-set "Target identified Season 1.1" by Painting Buddha, some of you should not and some of you are still thinking about to buy it.

The first I want to say to you: 
This DVD-set is awesome! If you have the chance to spend some of your hobby budget for this, use this your chance. 

After reading this post you will understand me :-) at the end of the post you also will get all informations where you can buy this DVD-set and other freaky painting buddha stuff.

Let us start with the boxoptions:

You can choose between the supporter box for 84€:
  • Two highly detailed, superbly manufactured 54mm miniatures sculpted by
    Mati "Badsmile" Zander* (protected in a beautiful Painting Buddha-style metal jewlery box)
  • 6 DVD's come in a fold-out Collector DVD Box. (...more about them later in this post)
  • a showcase base
  • Two brochures, describing how to prepare your miniature
  • a collector's box in Painting Buddha design
  • a numbered certificate with a personal "Thank You!"
  • 5 random, limited collector buttons of 42 collectible designs
  • your NAME/ALIAS in the credits of our NEXT DVD!
  • 1 rare collector refridgerator magnet 
  • Random "Buddha Tickets" (more about this here)
  • shiny color protective sleeve for your Supporter Box 
Hope I didn't forget something :-) 

  • Two highly detailed, superbly manufactured 54mm miniatures sculpted by
    Mati "Badsmile" Zander* (protected in a beautiful Painting Buddha-style metal jewlery box)
  • 6 DVD's come in a fold-out Collector DVD Box. (...more about them later in this post)
  • Two brochures, describing how to prepare your miniature
  •  a numbered certificate with a personal "Thank You!"
I have choosen the budget box.

 The DVD's:

DVD 1: Ben "White Rabbit" Komets painting Brad

 Every DVD is in English, has a home menu with a list of parts of the DVD and a list of subtitels to choose (German, Spanish and English).
 The DVDs starting with a small introducing words what the painter, on DVD 1 it's Ben Komets, want to do with the miniature. Then the step by step starts.

 Ben starts with some ground technics, his wet in wet thechnic and many more.
 The screen most is split in three parts: The main screen is the miniature. Screen two is the painter frontal. Screen three is the wetpalette.


It's Michael "Zaphod Beeblebrox" Bartels aka "Painting Buddha".
He is a kind of second moderator, asking questions, descripe some steps and joking with Ben.
This is deffinitaly great, you feel like painting with friends. :-)

 For the better understanding the main screen sometimes swith to the wetpalette ...

 ...or the screen three will hide...

 ...or both small screens will hide.

At the end of every DVD the painter show the miniature completed and say some sentences about it.

 DVD 2: Ben "White Rabbit" Komets painting Yannet 
(Moderator 2 is Michael "Zaphod Beeblebrox" Bartels)

 DVD 2 is full a small tricks, inspirations and detailworks. Ben use the second minature to show things like painting freehands and object source lightning... the tablet screen...

...and the light from the tablet as reflection on her arm.

DVD 3: Ben "White Rabbit" Komets painting the base.
(Moderator 2 is Michael "Zaphod Beeblebrox" Bartels)

Time for the next theorie part.



 ...details and chosen colours are the mainparts of this DVD.

DVD 4: Rafael "Volomir" García Marín painting Brad

The most of you will thinking now: "...ok, similar then DVD 1-3,... boring..." 
Deffinitially not! 
Rafael and Ben heve two very different stiles. I was really surprised about his way to paint, but what should I say (?) I like it!

This time Ben "White Rabbit" Komets is moderator 2.

After some explenations about ground technics to use the airbrush...

...Rafael explained his way of colour choice.

First he start with the face (sweet raincoat ;-) )...

... then the rest of the miniature ...

... using his masking technic.

Then it's time to switch to the brush, DAMN you're a freehand genius!

More details,...

...and theory.

DVD 5: Rafael "Volomir" García Marín painting Yannet.
(Moderator 2 is Ben "White Rabbit" Komets)

Time for tips, tricks, effects by Rafael. 

Is DVD 5 so short? No, but I need so many breath for DVD 6 :-D

DVD 6:Rafael "Volomir" García Marín painting the base.
(Moderator 2 is Ben "White Rabbit" Komets)

Rafael putting so many love in details and freehands that the "painting the base" DVD is a real enjoyment! 

Yes, time for the airbrush ;-)

You can see his small sketch on the right side...

... but the result on the base was just awesome!
Very much details like weathering, light and shadow following...

 ...oilcolour technics and many, many more...


 As close of all this there is a Interview with Ben "White Rabbit" Komets...

...and  Rafael "Volomir" García Marín.

Like you can see... fun fun...

 Clothing words and impressions:

What should I say... the miniatures and DVDs are just awesome.
Perfect quality in all details and picture quality!
Ben and Rafael give you a big package full of theory, technics, tricks, effects, inspirations and fun!

Really like the idea with the second moderator and the splitted screens.
The miniatures are sculped perfect and full of fine details.
This is not only a painting DVD for beginners, this is a set for all painters. For beginners
advanced painters and pro's!

As small proposal for the next DVD set, please, please, please use a plastic waterpot!
Every time Ben cleaned his brush in the glas water pot our cats jump up and running out of the room because of the very high ringing sound ;-)

You can get this and many more on

 A big THANK YOU to the sculpter, the painters, the moderators and all other people helping this guys to creat this awesome miniature- and DVD-set.


  1. Thanks for this awesome review! We are humbled by the many positive reviews we have received for our first ever DVD set ever :) We are working on seasons 1.2, 1.3, 2.0 and 3.0 at the moment - and we are VERY excited about the things to come!

    1. I really want to grab this set! The drop down menus are in German, might be confusing for those of us that don't speak it. Cant wait to receive my copy!.

  2. It was a pleasure for me. Looking forward to your next seasons.