Less motivation painting marathon!

Hey painters out there,

after the impressive workshop with our friend Simon aka Katan its time to go on with my painting marathon against less motivation!

Preparing work is 90% done, time to start painting!

Here are the projects primed and ready to paint ( ...two small secret projects are missing ;-) )
I try to respect all the steps and tricks our dimention members told me to do, hope you like the first result.

Ork truck...

Rat ogre...

Ghost knight...

High elve standart bearer...

Happy monk 
(thanks to painting buddha for this ;-) )

Troll bust
 (thanks to Barfrau for this ;-) )

 Nightgoblin unit
(and thanks to Malekith for this ;-) )

...bases are missing because they will stand in a jungle. 
Better to build bases like that after painting.

Soooo, like you could see much work to do. I don't have much time for painting the next time but I try to use the short parts to go on with this nice projects. Stay tuned and enjoy happy painting :-)

1 comment:

  1. These are some ambitious projects coming Michael! Looking forward to seeing how some of them turn out!