The Wedding Present and the Mongol, a WIP Update

Hello folks, it's been about a week since I last posted and I have started on a 2 new projects. The first project will actually be a wedding present for my mum, she is getting married in October and I am looking to create some special as a gift.

I will be creating a diorama based on a fantastic piece of artwork by Thiago Neumann, it's something I've in mind as a project for a while and hopefully I can do a good job of creating it in 3D! The whale itself is created out of super sculpey over a wire frame, its about 20cm long from tail to nose and the sculpting is close to being finished, I am just waiting on some doll glass eyes.

The 2nd project is a bust I have been wanting to work on since I seen the sculpt in Figure International #45 (it's the edition I am in :)!), the sculpt is by Greeny Ahn and for me it's a very strong bust that's full of character, a real worthwhile purchase. I've made a start on him now because I am heading off to Monte San Savino in November and I am looking to take both the bust and the samurai, so I am managing my time to ensure I can get both projects finished!

Mongol Warrior from SK Miniatures

The bust will be painted with 2 light sources, one object light source from the front (think my home is being burned to the ground and I aint happy about it!) and the 2nd will be zenithal moon light from high on the back. The paintjob is still quite rough at the moment, it will take a while until the light starts to look right.


  1. I think these are both great projects.. really looking forward to seeing them both develop. Quite ambitious on both here actually, but will really pay out with the time I know you will put into them!

  2. The wale dio is such a super idea. As a great fan of sea mammals I have to follow this!

  3. Your samurai bust look´s awsome! And it will probably be even more awsome once it is finished. I read that you´r going to Monte san you know how much the ticket for entrance to Monte san savino miniature show is?