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the weekends of Mini Nerding and getting drunk with loads of lovely people who share the hobby are over now. so the main saison this year is over after this event on Edersee. I was maybe plannin to go to GD Italy, but I am not sure about that at the moment. Buisness needs all my time at the moment, and I dont know if there will be any time to finish a new or refresh an old entry. So lets see whta the time will bring.

But next year will be several competitions, I am goin to work for very very hard. I want to get better now. Really really better. not just starting to get smoother blendings, but totally better in every single aspect of miniaturepainting. Main reason for this is that I want to make miniature painting to a hobby again. First thing to hit will be the duke of bavaria, where I amk goin to paint for together with my good friend Markus aka. Sheijtan. Thanks a lot to you already.

So lets start the new saison with some nice minis :)

First one to come soon. Already painted him, but I have to do some more work on him, to get him better. Stay tuned :)



  1. Heyho! What helped me to get better was to have MUCH more fun! Choose Projects that you like, that inspire you. With fun comes quality. :)

  2. I have fun taking my new Forge World stuff from the small box it came in and put them together with all the rest of the unpainted resin in a big box :D

    Now I am waiting to become a better painter :D

    1. I know some great tutorial DVDs by Painting Buddha :-D