Miniature Unpacked - Sigfried the Maruader by Simon Miniatures

Okay, many of you probably heard of this fantastic French sculptor Stephane Simon, used to do sculpts for the now defunct Rackham line, nowadays he sculpts for Mierce Miniatures. Well, he also begun a new line of miniatures for himself, not-so-imaginative simply called “Simon Miniatures” ;) The line consists of just a few miniatures so far, like 6-8. For the full range, take a look at his blog, .There you can also find info how to order etc. Not sure if/how limited the minis are though, but I believe most of them is still available.

Anyway, this review is about the Juggernaut Siegfried, the bigger brother of Goliath. And man what a muscular guy this is! For a muscular juggernaut-lover like myself this is pretty much heaven. It is reminding me of another miniature I own; Mierce’s Carroweck miniature, also sculpted by Simon. Although, this one is slightly heavier if i remember correct.

The package arrived fast and well packaged, no chance anything breaks here! Well opened the mini consist of 7 details – body, weapon, cape and three optional head choices.

The mini full of really small sharp details, like on the boots and belt. Skin texture is great too.

Big axe. I dig it.
Three optional head choices, two of them is supposed to go with the moose type horns, but can without that much problem be altered if that’s unwanted.
Also the cape is optional, and no work is needed on the miniature if that’s unwanted. Hmm. Was certain I didn’t want it on my mini, but now im not so sure as it looks pretty neat and add some dynamic. Lets see.

The mini assembled with blu tack. One think that strikes me is the complete lack of mouldlines. Im not sure how he does it, but I cant bloody find any and that almost annoy me (Ok I found a really small one on the boot - I think? Yaaay), as im used to sessions of preparing work before painting. A pretty neat problem though.

Above, a size comparison with a well-known miniature….
Green stuff? Well its not by me! Another thing is, Simon seems to go thru every miniature and fix air bubbles and defections of every cast. That’s Quality Control!
To me its hard not to love this model. If there is aaaaanything slightly “negative” to write, it’s the fact that all the head options looks kind of similar. One helmet, one regular barbarian head and something mutated/dead had for example been little bit more fun.
Here is a painted example by great painter Martin Grandbarbe aka Bangdoll.

More pictures of his painted Siegfried here
Hope to paint mine in the nearest future too, stay tuned!


  1. Hi,
    thank you for the Review. I could not await to see your paintjob.
    I painted SIEGFRIED THE HORNED ONE too. It is the pure pleasure how the colour sets on this sculpt.
    This miniature has a special atmosphere.
    I had great fun with Siegfried. Here are the pictures:

    Best wishes

  2. Thanks for the review SKEL, i'm glad you like it!

  3. How do i get my hands on one of these Seigfried models, it is simply amazing. i must have one