Hey Ladies!

Hey folks!

Hope you enjoy your weekend. I do and found some time to do nerdy stuff ;)

Inspired by the awesome looking fantasy units on the last GD and the very good built and painted Dark Eldar diorama by David Soper on his blog Sproket's Small World, I decided to try the same. One of my great weaknesses are conversions on minis. Usual I try to avoid this. To glue some bits on a mini or to cut them off is easy, but to mix two kinds of different models is more complexe. If they doesn`t fits, you need Greenstuff and other tools or skills. With this project I would try to getting better in that. Last but not least I like Daemonettes and as always I will find a way to present them not in the known standard.
I´m only in the first steps and will take it slowly, but I have the feeling that it could be a big project with a very good final :)

Hope you like it, enjoy your day, and let me know in the comments how do like the first conversions!

best wishes

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