Going historical!

So, it’s been a few weeks since GE GD and time to move forward for new adventures. I will be attending this year’s Euromilitaire (http://www.euromilitaire.co.uk/ ) show in Folkestone UK (A bit south from London I presume) and im actually painting my first historical miniature ever.

Bought this sucker from Pegaso Models, as I always been a fan of religious artwork. Its an XIII century Italian Bishop Knight. Being used to GW stuff this was a dream to prepare. Hardly no visible mouldlines and the bits n pieces fit perfectly.

Started out with the banner, wanted something more complex than previous banners I decided to go for a classic Jesus Image. Not sure about the lettering here though, Greek? Well, cant have Greek on a banner for an Italian guy, so swapped it to some Latin type writing. It’s a kind of thin line how much details to put in there, as it become to cluttered if every little button is painted, but im fairly happy. Not been able to photograph this properly though but you get the idea.

The show is 20-21 September so for me time is running really short! Luckily I finally got around and did some airbrushing. Got the basics watching that crazy guy Volomir at Painting Buddah, very informative! Although muuuuch more practice will be necessary. Not really sure how much of a fan i am painting historical though, as i have to decrease my usual high contrast a bit and lay back the pastel, but interesting to paint something im not used to. More WIP shots of the actual mini will hopefully be posted in the near future :)

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  1. You are my freehand king! Looking forward to see more WIPs.