Euromilitaire 2013

Just trying to put myself together after an awesome weekend in UK, the Euromilitaire show in Folkestone!

Started the trip late Friday with a not-so-cool slam dunk of my transport box by the check-in personal at Landvetter, the airport in Sweden, one of my miniatures banged off its plinth. Fortunately they also forced me to open the box (of course. Such a box is the most perfect way to discrete smuggle stuff in…) so no harm to the miniature. Some extra Blu tack temporarily solved that problem. always bring some extra with you on the trip folks.

Well in London we met up our awesomely cool British guide Andy (AndyG) and headed for the train to a town called Lewes, lovely little town what I can tell. Saturday we started our supposed to be like 1 hour car-ride to Folkestone, picked up by this another really cool bloke Lee (10ball, tenball) was completely fooled by the GPS and took every little road in southern England I believe (turn right. Turn right. Turn right. Turn right….whaaaaat) Not sure how long time we sat in the car, but a long time! Also surprised any minis didn’t break on that ride, as it wasn’t exactly bump-free. Well at least we saw a lot of the British countryside. And had time for lots of nice chatting.

Muppet show in the car – Swedish chef rules!

Well on the show I had to quickly glue my broken mini on its plinth. For some reason, I was handing in the miniatures in a hurry. Think im damaged by the gamesday competitions. No hurry was needed, as the judging started much later and continued in the evening.

The competition was indeed mindblowing, people from all continents were represented and it was indeed an international show. These few images better describe the competition.

Unfortunately my camera (smartphone) died from short battery. Gah! Stupid English electricity sockets! What happened to EU standards???

I have to say it outgun by far all the GD competitions ive been to, even the last German one. The standard was extremely high and we talked about it later – no one of us ever saw a bad painted miniature at all on the show. Historical, civilian, fantasy, busts, flats, tanks, vehicles, dioramas… all in kickass standard!

About the awards, its was not given one gold one silver one bronze in each category. Instead they award the miniatures if they think it deserves something by its standard. Many of each value could be awarded in the same category, but also nothing of a specific value was given if the standard wasn’t high enough. In some category’s, no gold was given, which apparently is not uncommon. I believe this is a good way to award miniatures, it make you compete more against yourself and you skill instead of the competitors. Awards "commended" and “highly commended” was also given, which is I suppose steps below bronze. Even that one was hard to get, this competition is 0% luck and 100% about quality of the miniature.

In the end I was awarded with four medals; one SILVER for my contemptor dreadnought which indeed felt like a little vindication for my “loss” at gamesday Germany. A BRONZE for my older Primus Death miniature and two “highly commended” for Mr Rhino and my Toad rider. I am sooo happy with the outcome.
To sum it up, if you want to see lots of lots of awesomely painted miniatures and/or compete in a competition that’s been running in 28 years with truly experienced judges go to euromilitaire! I know I will next year!

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