Bloggernews #9: Dragons, Kickstarters and Volomir

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It´s time for some news. So enjoy :)

Games Day Look-up:
Unfortunately i missed an other nice report about the last GD in Cologne at my last Bloggernews. but no worrie mates, here it is again! Check the H-Archive by Hydra and check out all his other stuff. It is it worth :)

Nice Dragon: 
A nice step-by-step of making the dragon on I like the combination to start with a brush and use then an airbush. Very good effect!

Modelmaking by Chris Clayton:
Found the page about a link to his new nice diorama (HERE). But you should watch more than this. Can find some known sculpts on his gallery, furthermore very good and detailed painting step-by-steps in his articel section. Don´t miss it!

Photographing a mini:
It´s always the same problem. A good painted miniature, and all photos destroy the apperance of it on the web. Here we have a next one very good and discribing tutorial about a good quality of your photos. Found on Massive Voodoo and was written by Phil. Thanks for that!
 Part #1, Part #2

Does Kickstarter projects really kick?
I´m a big fan of crowdfunding projects. I gives good space to create thinks without a high amount of money and can help small-scale investors to start. But sometimes they fail. HERE we have a small progress report about it from our good friend Mr. Lee.
Pimp my DETLOF! That´s a really funny headline of this nice post by Arne aka "Sleipnir". He makes his show cabinet dust-proofed and wrote a good tutorial about it. If you want the same for your DETLOF, checkout this link HERE.
Did you see the stunning models by Marrow Productions and their new boardgame Journey: Wrath of demons? Again Arne was in luck to win a miniatures on their facebook page. And we are in luck that he share this with us and wrote a review about the model HERE.

Usual i try to prevent, to post advertising for companies here. But the new realease from Forgeworld is it worth to do it nevertheless. The new TERMINATORS BY THE EMPORER´S CHILDREN CHAPTER are stunning! They look raised in their whole appearance, and with a good painting they could be epic. In all cases they are on my must-have-list-from-Forgewold :)
[Commercials off now.....]
Always known from facebook, now they have their own blog :)

Like his style of painting, like his style of bloging and last but not least his huge tutorials about was he is doing. Rightly he won again on the last Games Day in Germany, and how he did that, he shows us HERE with a HUGE tutorial about his High-Elf-Dragonlord. And not enough, he shows us with another huge tut, how he built his High-Elf-Swordmasters HERE.

That´s creativity! Serafin shows us, how we can make 'pictures' of old bones makes three-dimensional. :) Klick HERE to watch it!

Enjoy your day!

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