Bloggernews #10: GD-UK, Art and Old days

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Time for some news. Enjoy!

Games-Day UK:
Thanks to Volomir and Tartar Studios for the really quick and nice pics from the Golden Demon winners. Brückenkopf-Online bring us some nice photos about the new Forgworld stuff. Last but not least direct pictures and notes form the weekend by on facebook.

Congratz to all winners! Esspeacilly to David Soper. In the past i linked his blog because i´m a big fan of his style to paint the minis. At this time i didn´t know that he would be "the man" on the GD-UK 2013. He won the Slayersword, and in 2 (?) other categories. So don´t miss to visit his blog. When you go back there to older posts, you will find a lot of WIP shots and more abou is awesome Darkelve-Diorama.

Survivor Cast:
About facebook i found a really cool cast from BoB Miniatures. Love the style of and what was the next step? I ordered one of them! At the moment the copies of the Survivor casts are limited, but Bob told me that new one will follow in the future. I´m looking forward to hold the mini in my own hands and promise to share my experience with you with a small review :)

Tutorials, Tutorials:
Your green thumb isn´t the best on your miniatures? Le Blog dè Kouzes shows us how to do it on (use the google translater, it works good ;) )
Need a quick and easy way to paint gold for your army? Try this by
Problems with faces? Check this stunning tutorial by

Oldies are Goldies:

How long are you in the hobby? I´m started in 1995 and took a long break from 2000 to 2010. Sometimes i miss the old style by some miniatures. Sometimes the old casts looks very funny but had a good story or atmossphere. When i want to remember is a nice webpage to go back to the old days. A huge collection of old GW miniatures, and bigger collection of old and new companies.

Heroquest! Another part of my past :) In his last "Bloggernews" Volomir shows a really nice link to a showcased version of these old and nice minis on If you like the this don´t miss the Babarian on

Sculpting, Colors and Art: Collection of Fantasic Art like H.R. Giger and more Awesome sculptings!

Need a new vehicle? Try this:

Wish you all the best!



There were no Zombies inside! Klick HERE to get some nice cute zombie-stuff.

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Bloggernews #10: GD-UK, Art and Old days

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