Bishops and fungus

Last WIP picture of the Bishop. It really starts to come together as I’ve attached all the components and based the guy. Just some work on the banner pole and some minor touchups left. I am however, very torn about this project as I’ve killed off my style completely and normalized it, I don’t think it’s so fun to look at. One thing I learned from this is that fantasy for sure is more my thing even if this was a nice freehand practise.

Used some MIG and Vallejo pigments for the base, sort of rough weathering to imitate a “holy land” look, pretty happy with the result. Hope I manage to bring the guy to Euromilitaire this weekend, and I hope to see some of you there!

As a side note, I really wouldn’t suggest anyone to buy paint at Netto. This jar of black acrylic paint that I’ve been using slightly for plinths (it do has great coverage) was first opened two months ago and all I can say is that papa Nurgle did a marvelous job here! i call it "Acrylic Surprise". WTF!

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  1. Nice work. It's good to step outside your comfort zone now and then to see if it helps and sometimes to remind you of why and what you like to paint. You learn something new everyday - whether you want to or not ;)