A Weekend Workshop with Elías Alonso

Hello Everyone! 

For those of you who don't yet know I organise painting workshops in the UK, inviting over some of the best painters in the world to teach at really affordable prices, I run the workshops under the name The Weekend Workshop. My next workshop is coming up in October, I've invited one of the giants of the Spanish painting community over to teach, Elías Alonso!

Elías has clocked up an impressive 14 demons in the last few years along with a plethora of other awards, Elías is also the lead painter for Scale 75, so if you have ever admiringly gazed upon Scale 75 boxart there’s a good chance Elías painted it!

Elías will be teaching the secrets of light and non metallic metal over the course of 2 days, he will take you step by step through the ideas and theory of light and the technical side of NMM, he will demonstrate those ideas using the free miniature you will receive and you will then get to take those new skills and apply them to your own miniature under Elías’ guidance. It is with no exaggeration that I say that the skills and knowledge you will acquire aren’t being taught anywhere else in the UK and are limited to very few people within the sci fi and fantasy miniature painting community.

The workshop will run from 10am up until 6pm, the workshop will be broken up into 4 main chunks, morning and afternoon session over the 2 days, the morning sessions will be more focused on the theory and ideas of what Elías is teaching, with an hour or two in between demonstrations to get some painting done, the focus on the afternoon sessions is for you to sit down and get a good few hours painting in so you can really get to grips with what is being taught. Both myself and Elías will be there to give you feedback and reinforce the ideas, theories and techniques, give you advice how can improve your technical skills and answer any hobby related question you can think of! When the day is done we usually head out for a few drinks and something to eat, Liverpool is a great city full of wonderful pubs and eateries.

The workshops costs £95 for both days, included is your miniature, lunch and hobby support after the workshop, no doubt questions will arise once you continue to apply your new knowledge and we will be here, continuing to give feedback and advice, helping to push your progression!

Items that you will need to bring with you:-

Paint Brushes
A Lamp (or two) with a daylight bulb
Palette (ideally a wet palette)
A scalpel or X-acto knife
Fine grit sand paper/file
Pin vice, drill bit and brass rod
Plinth or stand

Don’t worry if you cant bring all of these items or you forget some as we will have some spare that you can lend.

For enquirers and further information or to book a place on the workshop, gives us an email or contact us on Facebook or use the contact form on the Get Involved page

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Some pictures of Elías' models.

you can find more of Elías' work on his Cmon Page

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