Undead Warrior

Hey folks!

Time goes by, and I didn´t wrote so much. In the last weeks i used every free minute to paint instead to blog something new. I finished 3 new entries for the last Games Day in Cologne. I would like to show you all of them in the next days. Here we have my first:

The Undead Warrior

It was only a fun project, and i like it :). Months ago i had the vision to create a diorama with skeleton warriors against skeleton warriors. I realized fast, that is was to much for me at those days. The next plan was a duell between two of them - never didn't start :) At least this one found his way on a base. I choosed the traditional Khemri colors and give them a little bit "Pop". The base in the back looks like it is burned. That symbolize that the warrior comes from the dark and is ready to kill the livings!

Didn´t won anything on teh GD with it, but this isn´t a suprise. There are no freehands or other stuff on the warrior and he is a small inconspicous miniature that makes him not outstanding among the other awesome entries on the GD. I like the theme, and this is definitly not my last bone buddie that i finished. Maybe a unit for the next GD? ;)

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See ya bone brothers and enjoy your week!



  1. Was a great model all the same, just in a very difficult category :) Can't wait for you to post up better photos of your other entries! Cheers!

  2. Thanks Kyle! :) Unfortunately my big main project is in Munich. I have to wait three weeks before i can do better pics. But the time will come ;)