Transport box 2.0

Hey miniature transporters ;-)

only one week until gamesday germany Cologne and my biggest problem was,.... 
don't have a good transport box
It is the first time I travel there and have to carry competition entries with me...

I collected as much ideas I could, for example:

Because I don't want a normal box I tried to combine this all to a perfect "one".
I remind some things SkelettetS said to me what his box have to achieve:
  • robust
  • max. size = than a hand baggage for a trip by plain
  • detachable bottoms
  • small weight
  • easy to carry
  • and nice looking ;-)
Because I'm busy to get my entries ready for the goldem demon I build the box yesterday, the" fast methode". Hope you like it.

...for very big displays like Diorama useing the box like this.
... slide to open...
For many small displays use the box like this...
...or like this if you want to carry not only displays...
Today I will oilwax the box and bottoms to make them water resist and drilling some holes in the bottoms to fix the plinths like SkelettetS`s tutorial.

 Have a nice day and paint you never paint befor until next sunday. 
Hope we meet at Cologne.

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