The Wolve Guard out of Space

Hey folks!

in the past I painted a lot of Space Wolves. 'The Lonesome Wolve' and 'Wolfslord Egil Ironwolve' were some of them. Even though I had enough of them, one week before the german GD in Cologne I was looking for a new project for it. I didn´t like what I had done by then and found this old Space Wolve Guard in my miniature mingle-mangle. At once I saw him on a more or less flying rock in a in a unusual environment. I MUST PAINT HIM! And so I did .... :)
I like him very well. In this short time (one week) I was focused on the painting, and so a lot of things turned out well and I learned a lot of my painting skills for the future. The armour is sketched with airbrush and finished with the brush. There is a good focus in the face, because of the daylight colors in the eyes. A lot of space for freehands - I´m not the best freehand painter, but It´s always fun to paint them :). Again a good practice for NMM, and I found  a good way to paint the fur, what I didn´t like before to paint. And it was my first time with plants on bases. In the last hours before the GD, Malekith shows me in five minutes how easy it is to paint a good battledamage. All in all a very good lesson for me :)

Finalist medaille in 40k single :)

Before this guy, i said :"No more Space Marines! No more Space Wolves - EVER!", but I´m certain it is not my last one :)  Last but not least I´m very proud about the finish. It´s a very small project but I would say thanks to my blog-mates and my paint buddy here in Berlin Georg aka GeOrc aka Sean Damm. All of them motivated me much and they  had a lot of good suggestions and cronstructive criticsim. 

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  1. Great work on this Siggi. Was a good work for such a short period of time, and congrats again on another finalist medal!