Hurry hurry! Cologne here we come!


all members of the 5th dimention are very busy the last days.
The phone rings all the time: "new massage!"

I only want to give you a small update :
  • Barfrau is as good as finished with his new project...
  • The Artfist is also on the home stretch...
  • SkelettetS is traveling by airplane at the moment...
  • Darkmessiah is also on the trip.
  • Malekith messages every hour a new finished project (yes, I'm also astounded Oo)
  • My bags are ready for the trip...
  • and Katan is waiting for me to pick him up at Spielbar Trier.

Hope we have a great time in cologne :-) and win some demons!!!

By the way, my package by Painting Buddha arrived yesterday! I will post a review after the weekend. All I can say until now, AMAZING QUALITY!!!

Have a nice weekend, perhaps we will meet at gamesday germany in cologne!


  1. Ich halt Euch die Daumen!
    Würd gern mal nen Deamon bei einem von Euch sehen.

    All luck to you guys.
    Would very much like to see one of ya with a won deamon.

  2. To Cologne we go! I am on my way- and my Painting Buddha Package arrived yesterday aswell :D